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Jen Gottlieb

Episode 93

How To Unlock The Power of Your Authentic Self

EP. 93 The more that I started to show up as my authentic self, the more my life started to completely transform and everything that I wanted started to happen.

Imagine if your authentic self didn’t have to hide anymore. Imagine if you had the courage, confidence, and the self-belief to show the world who you are and what you’ve got – no ifs, no buts. Imagine no more settling, hiding, or playing down your truth. No need to try and fit in or hold your tongue. Instead, you show up unapologetically and fearlessly as the soul you really are.

Imagine the opportunities you’d create, the life you’d live, the people you’d meet, and the successes you’d achieve. This reality needn’t be wishful thinking. In this week’s episode, you’ll discover how you can create this life for yourself with the help of Jen Gottlieb.

This philosophy on life is game-changer in so many ways so do check it out now.

Jen Gottlieb is the Co-Founder and Chief Mindset Officer at Super Connector Media. In this role, Jen teaches entrepreneurs to leverage their authentic self and cultivate the mindset needed to share their expertise with the media. Leveraging her past as a TV and Broadway star, Jen helps talented people share their work authentically so they can help more people and make more impact.

In this episode, we dive down the rabbit hole to talk about everything from manifestation, to the Law of Attraction, to the power of connecting with your six-year-old self. It’s a doozy! Tune in now to discover:

  • Jen’s story of manifesting a Wedding Singer role on Broadway
  • Why you only need to be 51% committed to succeed
  • How the people you surround yourself with influences the quality of your life
  • The reason your authentic self will help you create extraordinary
  • Why Jen watches videos of her six-year-old self to unlock her best
  • The empowering reason Jen creates a ‘Badass List’, where she keeps it, and how she uses it
  • How a Brittany Spears impersonation secured Jen a 14 season run as a co-host on VH1
  • The mindset shift that gives entrepreneurs an ‘unfair advantage’ by helping them talk about their business in an authentic way

Why ‘your mess is your message’ and the reason people are turned off by perfection

Jen Gottlieb