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Raj Jana

Episode 91

Find Your Lens

Have you noticed how two people can look at the exact same situation and see different things entirely?

For example, where one person sees an opportunity, another sees failure.

WHY is that [and what does it mean for your success]?

If the situation is the same, the only difference is the person – specifically their ‘LENS’.

In this solo episode, I explore what your lens is and why it’s so critical to your success. Tune in and discover:

  • The common theme that separates people who experience joy with ease and those who don’t
  • How your lens develops and influences your view of the world
  • Why your lens can propel you forward or push you back – and the reason YOU decide which it is
  • Why your current lens won’t get you where you want to be – and what you need to do instead

In this episode, you’ll discover how replacing your lens can change everything. You’ll unlock the key to becoming unstoppable and the secret to living the extraordinary life you desire and deserve.

So if you’re done wasting time and you’re ready to live the life you KNOW you’re here to experience, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

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