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Kelly Ernst

Episode 89

How To Find Passion Outside Of Your Work

EP. 89 Passion is just one thread in an intricate weaving of what’s ultimately going to satisfy you.

It was 2008 when Kelly Ernst entered the corporate world. At the heart of the crash, Kelly felt lucky to find a job. But after working for JP Morgan as an engineer on Wall Street, she soon burnt out. Life felt more purposeful in Austin where Kelly joined a software business committed to helping kids learn. But that didn’t work out long-term either. After the company was bought out, Keely was faced with the choice between a severance package or moving states.

She took the package and committed to life as an entrepreneur. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds! Without the safeguards of healthcare and a pension, running a business felt like a big risk. But according to Kelly’s old boss she was ‘unmanageable’ so she had to figure out a way to work.

And she did! Kelly used her coding and engineer skills to launch Redemin – an online fashion brand that built JEANome – proprietary AI that helps women shop for the perfect pair of jeans.

But her entrepreneurial journey wasn’t always smooth. Kelly struggled with panic attacks that created a lot of shame and anxiety, but thanks to her mindset and resilience, she’s developed strategies to help her come out the other side stronger.

Kelly is a very pragmatic entrepreneur who’s been able to keep a clear segregation between her work and the passions that brought her the most joy. In this episode we explore the role of passion, how to elevate your happiness, and why our work and passion can be two separate things.

Check out this episode to discover:

  • The power of the present moment and how to use it to avoid anxiety
  • Kelly’s simple hack for breaking out of a panic attack
  • Why being a corporate employee made her a better employer
  • The role that your ego plays in creating the life you want to live
  • Why money doesn’t buy happiness and why it shouldn’t be a measure of success
  • Kelly’s three-part rule for successful comedy
  • Four powerful strategies that will help you uncover desire for life

It’s a doozy!

Kelly Ernst