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Mark Crandall

Episode 88

How To Release Deep Trauma and Live Your Best Life

EP. 88 Everything from my past happened for me. And not only did it happen for me, it happened for me to show others that they can overcome their past as well.

Mark Crandall endured an unbelievably traumatic childhood. He was burnt with cigarettes, handcuffed inside a locked closet, and neglected by his parents. Taken into foster care age 3, life didn’t get any better. He started stealing, became addicted to drugs, and spent seven years in and out of prison.

None of this was his fault. He’d been dealt a rotten hand by life and after enduring so much trauma, this was his destiny. Then Mark met Rob – his first mentor. Rob asked Mark a question that literally changed his life in a heartbeat.

“What’s it like being a 25-year-old man living the ages of 3-7. What’s it like to play the victim?”

This question kick-started an awakening in Mark. He began to question everything n an attempt to strip away the layers and get closer to his heart. Mark was done allowing his past trauma to define his life. He was done blaming everyone else and he was ready to give himself a blank canvas and start over from scratch.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Today, Mark’s life is unrecognizable from his drug addicted, crime-ridden past. He beat all the odds to go back to school and train as a social worker, chemical dependency counselor, and clinical interventionist. Now the host of the Purpose Chaser podcast and author of Embrace Your Past, Win Your Future, Mark is speaker and transformation coach who helps people break free from their limiting beliefs.

Man, this episode gave me tingles. Mark had everything stacked against him, but still turned everything around. Mark’s story is a reminder that you don’t have to allow your past to define your future – if you don’t want it too.

This is a beautifully inspiring episode that 100% proves PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. Regardless of where you’ve come from or what you’ve endured, you can transform pain into passion and create a beautiful life that inspires millions.

Tune into this episode to discover:

  • The full story of Mark’s traumatic past
  • How your life experiences can trick you into becoming a victim – and leaving you feeling as if you have no other choice
  • The ‘clear as day’ message that persuaded Mark to go back to school
  • A powerful reminder that your assumptions about what’s possible for you are probably false
  • The reason to seek – not sulk
  • How Mark let go the disempowering stories from his past and created a whole new identity
  • The beautiful reason why Mark’s past is now his gift
  • Mark’s gift to Hal Elrod that changed his life

And much more.

Mark’s authenticity is inspiring to me and I’m definitely a fan. I think you will be too when you tune into this episode and allow Mark’s story to inspire you.

Mark Crandall