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Demi McConkie

Episode 86

How To Find Your Soul's Purpose

EP. 86 Purpose is the precipice of meaning, and without meaning, we are just doing chores.

Purpose is ‘everything’.

It’s the fuel that gives meaning to life and it’s the key that unlocks the motivation to act. Without purpose, there’s no reason to do the hard stuff or no incentive to step out of your comfort zone. That’s why figuring out your purpose is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.

But it’s not an easy path to walk – and that’s not your fault.

As a human, you have to dance through life with two competing ‘partners’. First, there’s your Monkey Mind – your reactive, inner critic, fear-fueled self. The part of you that’s desperate to keep you safe and keep you away from risk. Secondly, there’s your ‘Soul Purpose Heart’ – the part of you who’s connected to source. The wild dreaming, big loving consciousness that wants you to thrive.

And the life you get to live is determined by which partner you allow to dominate your dance.

This episode’s guest is dedicated to helping you navigate this dance. She’s Demi McConkie — the Soul Purpose Coach who’s helped me unlock my purpose. And in this episode, Demi shares some of her best soul purpose tips – so you can learn to master life’s ultimate dance.

In every moment, both your Monkey Mind and Soul Purpose Heart have information and insights to share. It’s a beautiful and competing conflict that can help you discover who you really are – while you live your best life.

If you’re curious to discover your soul purpose and how you can use it, you’ll find this episode is pure gold. So tune in now and hear Demi speak about:

  • Why purpose is everything and why you need to figure out yours to live a life you love
  • The reason your Monkey Mind and Soul Purpose heart compete and co-exist to help you grow
  • How radical curiosity opens the purpose door – and the five ‘zappers’ that kill it
  • A parenting ‘disaster’ that helped Demi define who she really was [if you’re a parent, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this]
  • The life-changing impact of dreaming bigger than you’ve ever dreamed while acting smaller than you’ve ever acted
  • Why courage is the prerequisite to confidence
  • How slowing down opens the door to knowledge you couldn’t otherwise access

And much, much more.

I LOVE working with Demi. She’s a beautiful human with an incredible gift, which you’ll get a taste of in this episode.

So if you’re ready to live a more conscious, purposeful life, I promise Demi’s insights will give you a kick-start to help you on your way. Packed with highly accessible ideas to try, Demi is here to help you master life’s ultimate dance – the one between your Monkey Mind and Soul Purpose Heart.

Enjoy 🙂

Demi McConkie