Florence Turiaf

Michael Dash

Episode 85

Life Beyond Addictive Highs

EP. 85 Addictions, unlike people, will never let you down. They will always be there for you. They are your best friend because they are always there. They’re also your biggest enemy because of the damage they do to you.

This episode’s guest became an addict when he was just 11-years-old.

The way it happened was quite innocent and even accidental. Michael Dash won his first ever bet during a family Thanksgiving dinner. It was an experience that led to a 20 year gambling addiction.

Thanks to his addictive personality, Michael didn’t stop at gambling. Instead, he kept chasing the high. And the more he got, the more he needed. This led him to pills at college, which evolved into marijuana and cocaine.

Despite these addictions, Michael was outwardly successful. Driven by hard work and addicted to doing well, Michael was earning 6-figures just two years out of school. Fuelled by the high that his addictions guaranteed, he worked his butt off to ensure he could fuel his obsessions.

But he wasn’t happy. Instead, he was angry, isolated, and self-loathing.

Then he got wrangled into a million-dollar law suit with his ex business partner – and life slowly started to turn around.

An entrepreneur’s event in Bali proved to be the turning point Michael needed.

At this event, he discover the principles of flow, which forced him to ask a different question – “Would it be so bad to live a different way?” 

The answer was of course NO, and in that moment, Michael began his transformation from angry addict to a life of fulfillment and freedom. And in this episode, he shares how he did it.

So tune in now to discover:

  • How death enabled him to let go of the law suit that was draining his life
  • The powerful message Michael has for his 11-year-old self
  • The reason simple habits can remove the stranglehold of addiction
  • The power of curiosity to change your life and self-identity
  • How change is ‘easy’ and why he wants to help other addicts adopt the same belief
  • How tribes lead to fulfilment
  • The 1-10 scale of life and how the non-addicted Michael is able to feel it all

And much, much more.

Michael’s story is proof that pain has a purpose and your mess can become your message.

So if you have an addictive personality or you know of someone who has, make sure you listen to this episode. It’s going to inspire you, empower you, and prove to you that there is life beyond those addictive highs.

Michael Dash