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Colin Morgan

Episode 81

How To Change Your Path & Start Fresh

EP. 81 We can’t change the past — we can just learn from it. We can look at it and wonder what we could have done differently. How can we learn and do things so that we don’t make those same mistakes today?

As a kid, Colin was obsessed with golf. He was naturally talented and eventually turned pro. Then to his horror, he realized this wasn’t the life he wanted. He hit his breaking point on the 9th tee of a golf course in Arizona. Despite being in the state for two months, Colin realized he knew nothing about the area except the golf course. It was time to quit.

But that’s when the real ‘competition’ began.

Until that point, golf had been everything to Colin. It defined who he was, how others saw him, and what he did. How could he make the transition to something new when he didn’t even know what it was he wanted?

Business seemed like the obvious solution, but it wasn’t until he struggled as an entrepreneur for many years until he figured it out. He’s been trying to get rich quick, but that wasn’t the answer! Instead, he needed to dive into personal development and cultivate the self-awareness necessary to craft his version of an extraordinary life.

As soon as Colin focused on adding value and building strong relationships, everything changed. Now, Colin is successful in business, life, and media. He’s also discovered his true passion — helping professional athletes prepare for life after sport.

To listen to Colin’s start-over story and to get inspired to begin your own, check out this inspiring episode now.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The exact moment Colin realized he had to quit his professional golfing career
  • Colin’s ‘fist’ of steps that get you moving in the direction you want
  • The life-defining moment that happened in a cemetery
  • Why honest, daily reflection will rapidly accelerate your path forward
  • The steps Colin took to figure out his passion and find the work he wanted to do
  • The crazy simple way Colin found what he was looking for
  • The strategy that will help you divorce your path and start over
  • Why you have stacks more time that you currently believe

And much more.

If you feel stuck in your life right now and something inside says it’s time for a change, this episode is for you. Yes, it’s beyond scary to start out from scratch, but the rewards can be huge. It worked for Colin and it could work for you too when you leverage the ideas and tips contained in this podcast.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[4:01] We jump right into the deep end. Colin was a professional golfer, however, somewhere along the way something switched, and he no longer wanted to be on that career path. I ask him how he built the level of awareness to know that he no longer wanted that identity? That’s not always easy to tap into, many go their entire lives without realizing that something needs to change – let alone go about making the change. I wanted to know what that looked like for Colin and how he developed such a strong level of introspection. Colin says that message came by way of pain. There was a lot that he had to navigate – something didn’t sit right internally about his career but so much of his identity was linked to golf and he didn’t want to let the people in his life down.

[13:36] Colin says there are 5 Pillars of Change – they make up a fist, which is a symbol of power. To create a fist it takes 5 fingers:

  1. Admitting to yourself that you need to change.
  2. Realizing that your negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns have led you to where you are (the middle finger).
  3. Where the bad thoughts and behaviors are replaced with good thoughts and winning behaviors (the honeymoon stage).
  4. Consistency (the most important); being consistent about the good behaviors and thoughts.
  5. The vision for what you want and who you want to be in life (glues all the other pillars together).

[25:55] Colin has said that when he gives, he gets 10x back – I ask to hear more about his experiences with this. He wants to take his experiences and create awareness in the world, particularly around the abuse that occurs within sports. A late friend’s mom told him that, given all he’s gone through, he could really help a lot of people with his message. The next day, he reached out to all of the universities in his area to introduce himself, his message and offered to come and speak for free. Not only did he get amazing responses, they refused to let him speak without being compensated.

[33:00] This is a true gem: I ask Colin how he found what he was looking for – he simply answers, “by looking.” He says that for a long time, he didn’t look. Many of us can only see what’s in front of us or refuse to even look. It can be hard to expand our view, take in other opportunities, think about our vision for the future or face the things that we don’t like seeing.

[47:16] Colin stays grounded through self-reflection; seeing his past, his present and his future. No matter what position he holds in life, he knows the person that he wants to be and the person that he is. He says it’s also important to hear feedback from outside of ourselves – from the people in our lives and that he’s found the right person to help him stay grounded.

Colin Morgan