Lee Holden

Lee Holden

Episode 69

How to Become Superhuman

EP. 69 “There is a way in which we can ask good questions, and I think that is the bridge I often use to help people discover these latent powers within themselves and their own human potential.”

What do you do if you feel pain in your body? If you’re like a lot of people, then your instinct will be to reach for the painkillers. But what if that’s not the right thing to do?

Our western culture is very cerebral. We spend a lot of time in our heads, while ignoring the calling of our body. It can be hard to express emotions and even more difficult to process them. As a result, we experience a lot of dis-ease.

Today’s guest has a different approach. After a back injury while playing college football, Lee Holden was told he’d be out for the rest of the season. He took pain medication, but when the pills affected his digestion he sought a different route for healing. To his surprise, acupuncture made him better after just a few weeks and he was back in the team faster than anyone predicted. This profound healing experience reignited Lee’s passion for understanding energy and inspired him to practice Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is a mind, body, spirit practice that helps us reconnect with our life force by opening the flow of the energy meridians. Through a combination of posture, movement, breathing, sound, and focus, Qi Gong can help us deal with stress and dis-ease. Lee has practiced Qi Gong for over 25 years and helped over 10,000 students feel less stressed and more energetic. Working with the energy of the ‘three treasures’ (the mind, body, and heart), Lee’s work empowers people to live their happiest, most vibrant, most fulfilled lives. You’ll find out how in this episode.

Lee’s also passionate about exploring how energy awareness can unlock human – even superhuman potential. It’s the subject of his new movie and something we discuss in this episode too. Wait until you hear how some of the masters are shattering our perception of what’s possible. It will blow your mind!

Lee’s wisdom and insight about energy left me super curious to discover and explore more and I’m certain you’ll feel the same way. Check out what we cover in this deep-dive conversation:

1. The layman’s guide to Qi Gong

2. Why your mind includes more than your brain

3. Why the thoughts you have aren’t even yours

4. How Lee’s passion for human potential is being explored in the new Superhuman Movie

5. Stories of exceptional people who are achieving the impossible

6. The importance of seeking the truth inside

You’ll also get to experience your Qi first-hand. That’s because Lee shares a super simple energy generating exercise that will allow you to feel the electricity that runs through your fingers. (It’s incredible).

You are so much more than you think. Tap into your energy and you get to experience a whole new way of living. So dive into this beautiful episode and gift yourself an introduction to energy that will inspire you to dig deeper and explore further. Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[4:30] One of Lee’s goals is to bring Qi Gong to the masses; making it accessible and easy to use, especially when it comes to solving problems. He wants it to be something that can be applied to our daily lives. Lee says it’s all about less stress and more energy, focusing on how we clear stress from our bodies( what often shows up as tightness, tension, inflammation and disease) and creating the tools to recharge and refocus that energy on living with more vitality, vibrancy and clarity.

Lee breaks down Qi Gong for us:

Qi –  means energy and liveness, the things that keep us alive: breathing, eating, sleeping, nature. All of these are part of the awesome mixture of Qi, the energy of life. He says our energy manifests in 3 distinct areas: energy of mind, energy of emotions and energy of the body.

Gong – means to work with; how we work with the Qi (energy) in our body in the best way possible.

[13:04]  In my experience, if people don’t believe something, it doesn’t happen. I wanted to know how Lee leans into these esoteric concepts and how he teachers others to believe. He brings it back to the energy of the mind, if we believe in something strong enough that belief can shift the biology in our bodies. He speaks to the impact of the placebo effect, something he thinks should be utilized more often, it’s a testament to the power of our mind. With the understanding that our thoughts can have a physical impact in our reality, we can work with the Qi (energy) of our mind to change the stories that we tell ourselves – shifting away from negative self talk to a dialogue about who we want to be and how we want to live.

[21:28] Lee talks to us about Flow State, the understanding that most things in life, we don’t have to do. He draws examples from nature, how a river flowing downhill doesn’t get stressed about it’s flow if there’s a boulder in the way and bamboo doesn’t get stressed about having to bend with the wind. Nature has a sense of relaxation and it flows effortlessly. Humans, on the other hand, we’ve gotten out of our cycles and have developed more of a sense of doing than being. Lee say our bodies have an organizational and healing power that self regulates, there’s an intelligence at work that guides our breathing, heartbeat, blood flow and digestion. When we bring stress into the mix, it’s the equivalent of that flowing river stressing over the boulder or the bamboo freaking out about the wind –  stressing over the things we can’t control tightens our bodies.

[33:34] Lee talks through an awesome exercise (only takes about 15 seconds) to tap in and feel the current of the energy in our bodies. If we harnessed all of that energy, he says that we’re more powerful than a bolt of lightning. Lee says that we all have a “dormant potential within us that when activated in the proper way, we’re going to get a charge or a current.”

[43:03] Lee stays grounded by returning to the present moment. He asks himself, “where am I?” That centers him; he tunes into his surroundings and asks, in that very moment, is there anything stressing him out? Usually the answer no. He says we have the earth right under our feet, we’re always grounded.

Lee Holden