Gerry Curatola

Dr Gerry Curatola

Episode 66

Finding Purpose In Your Work

EP 66. “I believe that our microbes are our connection to each other, it’s our commonality as human beings, but it’s our connection to the cosmos.”

What I love about the Stay Grounded Podcast is it enables me to interview people from all walks of life – proof that we all have our unique stories to share with each other and the world.

And this episode is no different – apart from the fact that our conversation heads off in directions you won’t anticipate at the beginning.

Dr Gerry Curatola is a pioneer in the dental field. He’s a top dentist with over 28 years experience who’s appeared on the likes of Dr Oz. One of the things that sets Dr Gerry apart is his passion for using the mouth as a window to the whole person. He’s obsessed with oral health – in particular the health of the microbiome. It’s a passion that led him to create his own toothpaste – Revitin – which is entirely different to any other toothpaste that you’ll find on the market.

In this episode, Dr Gerry will inspire you to look at your own mouth in new ways. There are plenty of practical takeaways too. For example, you’ll discover why fluoride is a problem and why you should be worried about gum disease.

Then we dive into the rabbit hole 🙂

In this incredible episode, you’ll discover how Dr Gerry knew from the age of six that he was going to be a dentist. You’ll discover how to cultivate love to ensure faith runs through your blood and why this is key to living a life you love.

You’ll also hear about Dr Gerry’s fascinating ideas about the microbiome and why he believes microbes are our link to spirituality.

Then my personal favorite – a beautiful story of what is possible when you have absolute faith that the universe will deliver.

Dr Gerry is an inspirational, super smart man with a massive heart. This is a man who’s approaching dentistry in a way I’ve never heard about before in an effort to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

So listen in to learn how to take care of your mouth, but perhaps more importantly, how you can take care of your soul.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[6:57] I’ve always considered dentistry to be a very competitive space, think about it? There are so many dentists out there! Dr. Gerry has been a major player in the space for decades, consistently staying at the forefront of innovation. I ask him how he finds inspiration and cultivates innovation in his own life. Dr. Gerry describes dentistry as a blend between science and art. He talks (and sings a bit) about the impact of the smile and goes on to discuss the “Shadow of the Smile,” which means that the condition inside of our mouth has a critical impact on our body and our ability to live a long, healthy life.

[14:02] Dr. Gerry shines some light on the myths about fluoride and how, what once was believed a great idea, turned out to be the exact opposite. As he began uncovering truths about mercury, fluoride and roots canals, he was started looking into toothpaste. He found that toothpaste is simply flavored detergent – developed and introduced by soapmakers. Learning that people were, essentially, putting soap into their mouths each day guided him to the realization that he, both, had to and wanted to do this differently. He began developing a new toothpaste 20 years ago; even that he wanted to go about differently, becoming a student and teacher of the human microbiome

[20:00] Dr. Gerry talks about his calling to become dentist and how, in his late, 20s that call become more specified to changing the way dentistry was done –  using the field to truly help people and as a means of love. He says that the work can be very heavy, patients are often very fearful and the profession was riddled with depression and suicide. He wanted to change the profession, the way patients felt about their dentists and the products that patients get from their dentists.

He provides insight on how to go about finding your calling. Dr. Gerry says that fear is the #1 blocker and that the first thing we need to do is understand the state of love. In that state openness occurs, we’re fearless, and no longer feel restricted by negative patterns, thoughts and beliefs. Those things block us from tapping into that deeper place; the place where we can access the truth of our purpose. Dr. Gerry says we’re in that state, things will manifest for us.

[30:04] Dr. Gerry talks about the importance of caring for the mind, body, spirit.  I wanted to know if there’s an equal weighting among all three when it comes to living a healthy life or if some parts are a catalyst for others?  He says that most doctors spend their careers caring for the body, and that’s the most superficial of the trio. We go onto talk about spirituality being the glue that holds our microbiomes together and how what we believe can change our DNA.

[40:14] Dr. Gerry and I discuss the roles that the mind, body and spirit play, I ask how caring for our oral health fits into the big picture? He says our mouth is a mirror and gateway for everything that’s going on with us.

[46:17] Dr. Gerry stays grounded by quieting his mind with meditation and prayer each day. He says it can become an enjoyable experience and the most important thing we can do is to reconnect each day with the cosmos, with God. He says to carve out at least 6 minutes in the morning and 6 minutes at night, in any way that you feel comfortable. It will change your life.

Gerry Curatola