Ron Baker

Ron Baker

Episode 64

The Transformative Power of Loving Yourself

EP. 64 “A lot of people are afraid to look inside because they’re afraid they’re going to open up pain and suffering.”

This week’s guest is Ron Baker. As a highly sought after coach, speaker, author, bioenergetics healing practitioner. Ron has helped millions around the world thrive through a journey of self-mastery over the last 25 years.

He is someone I personally look up to for emotional guidance, and with good reason.

When I first met Ron, what drew me to him was his passion for leveraging self-awareness to create a more fulfilling life. It’s something I’ve become increasingly fascinated with because I believe self-awareness is the key to everything you want.

I’ve always been hungry to learn. It’s where my passion for books, courses, mentoring, and events comes from – because they shorten your learning curve and help you progress faster.

But tactics and strategies only take you so far.

At some point, you’ll need something deeper.

You’ll need to expand your understanding of self so you can deal with failure, solve mistakes, and step out of your comfort zone.

You have to get introspective, reflective, and highly in tune with the best version of yourself.

But there’s one aspect of the self you’ve probably overlooked. In fact, it may be an idea you’ve never even heard of before.

Your “inner child”.

Your inner child is the part of you that’s wounded, hurt, and fearful because of the experiences you had in your childhood.

Turns out, healing and nurturing your inner child is the key to removing blocks that lead to insane growth, faster opportunities, and overall fulfillment.

And if you listen in to Ron’s episode, you’ll discover how to do it.

Just because your childhood has passed doesn’t mean the child inside you doesn’t still need love.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, it could be because your inner child is still hurting – and you’re not addressing its needs.

Ron says that we need to learn to parent our younger selves, which kick-starts the healing process that enables us to feel more fulfilled and satisfied in life.

Everything in life is a reflection of your relationship to yourself.

So tune in now and discover what Ron believes is possible when you look inside and actively sharpen your self-awareness.

It’s an essential key for extraordinary living and Ron is here to show you how to do it. He’s also got some free tools to share with you to help kick-start your journey. So make sure you listen in to find out more.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[1:25] When I first met Ron, I was drawn to his explanation about the concept of The Inner Child. At a retreat, I noticed Ron sitting outside surrounded by a small group of people, they were all locked in to his description about the different layers of The Inner Child and what happens when we chose to either indulge or ignore it.

What’s the Inner Child? It’s the part of us that is wounded, hurt and fearful because of the way that we were raised; not necessarily due to any malicious or intentionally harmful actions made by our parents, more so as a result of their unawareness of and unconsciousness to the blind spots in their parenting – areas where they weren’t truly nurturing.

Ron says that we have 9 Nurturing Needs: safety, connection affection, acceptance, acknowledgement, compassion, clear guidance, support and encouragement.

[10:18] Ron talks about fear and how most of us are ruled by the feelings that we want to avoid. We work to avoid failure, feeling as if we’re not good enough, criticism, etc.  He works with his clients to help them get in touch with all of their feelings, including those that they work so hard to avoid. He says they eventually find out that there isn’t pain in reconnecting and that we can hold space to nurture the child self in a way that we wished our parents knew how to do.

[23:37] Ron says within us is our Child Self, Adult Self and Soul Self. Our Soul Self is our Higher Self and it’s ever present. We are constantly being presented with clues and hints that are reminding us of its presence. These reminders show up as intuition, gut feelings, etc. When we’re trapped in a wounded consciousness and in a cycle of busyness, it prevents us from getting still enough to listen and connect with ourselves. Stillness can help us learn to trust ourselves and realize that we’re our greatest teachers.

[33:00] I love the idea of parenting ourselves. Ron touches on this throughout our conversation; how we can parent ourselves to nurture us through our experiences with fear. If you could be a parent to yourself, how would you want to do it? I ask Ron, if someone hasn’t had an example of what it means to be a good parent, how can they learn to be the parent that they need for themselves?

[42:27] Ron so graciously offers us some tools to help us begin the journey of self exploration. He provides simple and profound ways for us to connect with ourselves, learn how to move energy and become more trusting of our own value. It all comes down to looking inward. Ron says that “every single thing is your life is a reflection of the relationship you’re having to you.” Head over to to access these tools to learn how deepen your connection with you.

[50:33] Ron stays grounded with consistent nurturing. He says that he makes sure that he’s aware of and nurturing his physical, emotional, mental and sexual self.  He calls it Proactive Nurturing.

Ron Baker