Josh Stuart

Josh Stuart

Episode 61

Using Ancient Wisdom To Thrive In a Modern World

EP. 61 “I don’t believe anything that happens is by chance. Every person that comes across our path, whether we like the interaction or not, it’s all for a purpose.”

If you recognize today’s guest from the TV, you’d be right! That’s because in this episode I’m interviewing no other than Josh Stuart from the Discovery Channel Reality TV show, ‘Diesel Brothers.’

Josh, otherwise known as ‘Redbeard’ is one of the most grounded people I know, and after chatting to him, it’s easy to see why. Josh grew up in Roosevelt, UT in the Uintah Basin which is part of a native American Indian reservation. It meant from an early age, Josh was introduced to the idea of connection between all things. He was raised on the idea that nature offers messages from the universe and if you’re alert enough, you can see the signs.

Josh finally got back on the spiritual path around five years ago after meeting his wife.

Now, he lives his life in deep connection with the energies all around us. Unsurprisingly, it’s a core topic in this episode.

So if you’re curious to discover more about how the universe talks with us, listen in now.

Josh is someone I couldn’t wait to go down the rabbit hole with – and I wasn’t disappointed! The conversation we had was beautiful, thought-provoking, and deep. And you get to be a fly on the wall when you tune in now.

This conversation is more than a discovery of Josh’s life, it’s also a deep dive into a beautiful philosophy about living.

I found some of Josh’s distinctions incredibly powerful. For example, Josh believes that everything in life happens FOR you, not TO you. He believes that our souls choose our particular path though life in order to acquire certain lessons and experiences. With this perspective, he’s able to ride every wave that comes – the good and the bad.

We chat about Josh’s love of jujitsu and how a dedication to his practice allows him to navigate everyday life with more grace and discipline.

We talk about gratitude and we talk about the power of money and what wealth is actually about.

This episode will open you up to a new way of thinking about challenges, desires, and everyday moments. It’s a story about creating extraordinary by becoming increasingly aware.

And in this age when we’re nose deep in our phones, I think Josh’s message is especially potent. Can’t wait to see what you think.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[5:03] When I first met Josh Stuart, we were sitting at a fire and he whipped out these tiny jade stones – it was one of the first things that I noticed. I asked him when he first was exposed to ideas of energy. He told me that those were sacred Chinese stones that hold all types of intense energy. Growing up on a Native American reservation introduced Josh to a culture that is rooted in living in harmony with nature.  He didn’t realize how much attention he paid to his childhood until about 10 years ago when he married his wife. He credits her with directing him toward a more spiritual path; she’s very attuned to spirituality and different energies. About 5 years ago, his interest grew to a point where he began acknowledging a power in the energy space. He noticed that there’s something there and if you pay attention, it can open you up to a completely different realm of information.

[10:42]  Josh and I talked about the messages delivered to us from the Universe. I told him how the Universe delivered me a huge wake up call that moved me to pay closer attention to the smaller whispers along the way. Without the wake up call, I’m not sure if I’d be as tuned in. I asked Josh about his experience with this and when has he seen the dots lines up throughout his life?

He’s always been a quiet, reflective and introspective guy.  He’s become aware of the patterns and intuition in his life and, in hindsight, realized that there were pretty obvious clues that he could have picked up on had he been paying attention. As a result he’s become more aware; he believes that the Universe is a very gentle teacher and will gently nudge us along the way to see if we’re focused. Those same messages get stronger and rougher the more oblivious we remain to them.

[16:52]  I was curious about what message Josh tapped into from the Universe that lead him to his show.  Josh and his 4 sibling were raised by their mother. She was a dental hygienist

and, every once in awhile, she would get laid off and be in need of a new job. That was a message to Josh that working for someone else wasn’t at all secure and called into question everything he was being taught about the “security” of a “steady paycheck.” It seemed more risky to rely on someone else and it solidified his belief that the real security is to rely on what he knows he can do.

[23:40] Josh gives an awesome metaphor of the Universe being our friend who showers us with gifts. How would we feel if we gave a gift to a buddy and they received it with a sense of entitlement or you got the vibe that they weren’t grateful? The Universe is locked and loaded to give us whatever we want and we can either approach that from a position of being entitled or grateful. Which do you think the Universe wants to vibe with?

[28:05] “Practice Makes Habit” – a gem from Josh’s Jiu Jitsu sensei; meaning that just because you practice something doesn’t mean it will lead to perfection.  It will, however, lead to a habit of practicing things correctly. Josh has been practicing Jiu Jitsu on and off for about 10 years and actually holds the record for the fastest knockout in Utah (3 seconds).

[33:57]I told Josh about my journaling and how I’ve made it a consistent practice in my life – one that I highly recommend. I’ve learned so much about myself and it really helps to clarify my energy.  A mentor of mine, another avid journaler, told me that whenever I’m going through something to ask myself, “what would you want your 80 year old self to tell you right now?” When I did this, it was such a beautiful experience. I used to be very hard on myself when things didn’t work out, and in this particular moment the narrative was so much more nurturing. It was happier, relaxed and calming.

[41:05] Josh views money as an amplifier. If you’re an unhappy person and you come into a lot of money, you’re going to feel even worse than you did without the money. On the flip side, if you are a happy, centered and have clarity on what’s important in your life, the more money you have the more lives you’ll be able to bless – ultimately continuing that flow of happiness.

[46:24]  Staying Grounded: Josh stays grounded with daily practice and meditation. He wakes up, hydrates with as much water as he can, heads out to his porch and meditates. He thinks of nothing and just sits with an appreciation of nature. Without that, he notices he gets unfocused and thrown off center.

Josh Stuart