Diane Forster

Diane Forster

Episode 60

How To Live Like It’s Your Last Day

EP. 60 I have learned and I teach that the only opinion that matters is mine. The only opinion about you that matters is yours.

Diane Forster’s rock bottom moment happened in the bathroom of her family home when she decided to take her own life.

To the outside world, Diane seemed to have it all. She had the relationship and the successful corporate career, but inside she felt empty. Eventually, she reached the point when she couldn’t take it anymore. Then Diane felt her late mother’s presence and heard her voice telling her to put the pills down and get help – so she could help others.

Turns out your breaking point can be the most beautiful gift because from this peak emotional experience arises fresh opportunities.

In that moment, life changed. Diane’s mother died when she was just 53, but here she was providing guidance when Diane needed it most. What came next for Diane was a journey back to herself.

A journey of forgiveness, of compassion, and of reinvention to the point where Diane now helps others to live intentional, inspired, passionate lives – every single day.

So get ready to dive in and discover the tools, mindsets, and beliefs that will enable you to move beyond rock bottom and create an extraordinary life for yourself.

Diane Forster is an incredible woman who radiates joy and passion for the work she does.

She is an Award-Winning Inventor, Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, TV Host, Podcaster, Intentional Living Expert and Re-Invention Specialist.

Diane is also the CEO and Founder of I HAVE TODAY – A book, TV Show, and platform that helps women live enriched, empowered, inspiring lives through their transitions, to reinvent themselves.

I loved this conversation because we covered it all. We explore the power of forgiveness and how there are three stages you need to move through. We speak about the way we’re all supported and guided by a higher consciousness. We also discuss what it takes to be get inspired and how you can turn insights into momentum to drive you into to the life you want.

We talk about creativity, meditation, and the power of self-acceptance along with judgement, why we never feel enough, and the importance of looking out for signs.

In short, we dance through it all!

You’ll find that Diane’s philosophy on life is just beautiful – I promise she’s going to inspire you.

She’s an advocate for the idea that all you have is today.

And because of that, Diane lives intentionally with a commitment to make every day different, special, and extraordinary.

We can all live out our lives like Diane.

We can all tap into the resourcefulness and curiosity within to discover who we really are and what we want to do. We all have the power to create, expand, and grow so we can enjoy everything life has to offer.

So if you want a kick-start to a life you love, this episode is a no-brainer. It will leave you inspired, empowered, and motivated to grab every moment and live it as fully as you can.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[5:03] Diane mentioned that during her rock bottom moment, it was her mother speaking to her. I asked her why, in that moment, was it her mom? She talks about intuition and how her mother was such a force of life before she passed away; becoming even more of a force as an angel. Diane said there were a number of signs in her life, that she knew, were messages from her mother and, in that particular moment, she had this knowing. She could clearly hear her mother’s voice and felt her knocking the pills from her hand.

[10:15] Diane talks about that moment in her life when everything shifted. She was in the midst of her journey to self discovery and was starting her days with a meditation and journaling practice. On this particular day, in February, 2012 she sat down and started chanting “I forgive you.” For 20 minutes, she sat with her eyes closed, forgiving herself, forgiving the events of her life and taking full responsibility for what had occured. This was also the moment where she realized she had the power to create the life of her dreams.

[15:37] “Love It, Thank It, Bring It” is Diane’s 3 step process that helps keep the momentum of life going and growing!

  • “Love It” – loving your life no matter what shows up. Life is a gift and no matter what, everything is happening for us and never to us. Even the pain is there to teach us a lesson.
  • “Thank It” – living in a space of gratitude and appreciation for everything: the bed you slept in, the breath your able to take, etc.
  • “Bring It” – How are you going to show up in your life, in your relationships, in health?

[20:09] I ask Diane, how that voice of fear shows up in her life and how she communicates with it? She says, while there’s always room for improvement, she’s very close to being completely unaffected by what other people think of her. She’s learned and is teaching that the only opinion that matters is our own. “The only opinion that matters about you, is yours. Anytime somebody is judging me, doesn’t like me, in some way doesn’t agree with me – I know that it has everything to do with them and not me. It’s where their lack of self love lives, their self judgement lives. Perception is projection”

[31:27] While deep diving a bit into fear – Diane gives an example of how when we’re born, we learn to roll over, stand, crawl and walk. Throughout that entire process we’re stumbling and falling down, yet we keep on trekking. We get knocked down and we pick ourselves right back up, she says that doesn’t change in life. Our greatest successes come from our “failures,” (or what Diane calls “lessons along the way”) because that’s where we learn what we’re made of and how to stretch ourselves for the next level.

[40:11] I wanted to know more about Diane’s journey to intentional living. She says that realizing that today is all we have and that nothing else matters, was a game changer. What if this was the last day of our life? What would we want the end of this day to look like? It made her laser focused on being intentional – with her time, her health, her relationships and all aspects of her life. The more intentional she became, the more she noticed how powerful of a manifestor she is and that made her all the more intentional about what she put out into the Universe. She says to be intentional with having each day look and feel different than the day before.

[45:48] How She Stays Grounded: Diane has a 2 hour routine that she does every morning called, “My Nurture, My Spirit –  Mind and Body Practice” and each day, she wakes up, stretches out and affirms “I have today to love my life. Something really good is going to happen to me today, I can feel it. Miracles big and small, I notice them all. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.” She then meditates, journals and starts moving with a walk or work out. Those 2 hours provide her with so much to give to the rest of the world – she stays grounded by honoring herself first!

Diane Forster