Krysta Francoeur

Krysta Francoeur

Episode 52

Learning to Trust The Universe

EP. 51 | “I’d been doing all these diets in the past to look a certain way rather than feel a certain way.”

This week’s guest turned her life around after watching a documentary on Netflix.

Rewind four years and not only was Krysta Francoeur 40 lbs. overweight, but she was constantly sick. Prone to illness, infections, colds, severe clinical depression and terrible fibromyalgia symptoms. You name it, for over 15 years Krysta’s life had been marred by poor health and it was preventing her from participating in life fully.

That documentary changed everything for Krysta.

Not only did it inspire her to transform her relationship with food, but it also kick-started a journey of spiritual discovery and modern day witchcraft.

Previously a designer, Krysta is now the founder of Wild Remedies – an online brand that helps people heal through the power of plants. A potion master and lover of nature, Krysta listened to the universe (as you’ll hear in this episode) to create her own brand of Chaga tea.

Nowadays, Krysta has her health and as a result she’s able to create a life she loves.

So tune in and discover how an understanding of how the universe works can empower you to dance to your own beat.


One of the things I love most about this episode is the breadth of topics we discuss as we search for the root of health, happiness, and fulfillment.

For sure we touch on food as it’s where Krysta’s journey started, then we go deeper.

We discuss the power of faith in the universe, why seemingly ‘bad’ emotions are medicine, and the importance of learning from your past and navigating challenges with grace. We discuss meditation, intuition, and the value of health too.

Krysta’s search to become whole again inspired me and I just know you’ll feel exactly the same way.

So tune in with an open-mind and soak up the wisdom of this modern day witch who’s found her own beautiful route to health and happiness.

Let yourself be inspired by the elegant way Krysta has chosen to navigate her life.

Some questions I ask:

  • Why do you think you were able to take someone else’s rock bottom and turn it into something that fuelled positive change you. [6:50]
  • Why do you think a desire to feel a certain way is so powerful at influencing the way you navigate through life. [8:39]
  • Why do you feel fearful of being ill again if you’re so healthy now? [9:40]
  • How does the attitude about the way you feel influence the way you heal? [11:35]
  • How can we know that we’ve learned the lesson from grief? [14:15]
  • When did you realize that astrology and others had wisdom for your life? [19:19]
  • How did you learn to appreciate the small wins when you first started out? [27:58]
  • How do you define faith? [31:47]
  • How do you look at your past differently – especially the hard time – now you have more spiritual awareness? [34:35]
  • How would you teach your younger self that your rock bottom experiences are meant to be experienced? [37:08]
  • How do you stay grounded? [50:30]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • How a diet caused Krysta to lose her gallbladder. [8:22]
  • Krysta’s experience with adrenal fatigue. [10:30]
  • The problem with having negative feelings in today’s society. [12:50]
  • The importance of faith. [18:00]
  • How you can train yourself to be more open to the signs. [30:32]
  • The role of meditation in Krysta’s life (and the importance of nature). [39:03]
  • How Krysta became comfortable making potions. [41:37]
  • The story of how Krysta discovered Chaga at the ‘center of the universe’. [44:17]