Adam Roa

Adam Roa

Episode 51

The Art Of Choosing Love

EP. 51 | “I don’t believe there’s a ceiling to how good life can get. I don’t believe there’s a limit to the amount of love I can feel.”

Today’s podcast is a little different.

Adam and I recorded this just after we first met! We were both at a book launch of a mutual friend in New York City and I had to go up and give him a hug because he’d just blown me away!

I know what it’s like to speak on a big stage. That mix of fear and nervous energy is all-consuming – and that’s when you know what you’re going to say! So imagine stepping onto a stage to deliver a poem that hasn’t even been written yet.

Well that’s what Adam did. He delivered the most beautiful, impromptu poem flawlessly. I was so inspired by this man’s ability to dance with the fear that I had to get to know him better.

And this podcast episode is the result.

Recorded under Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, this was the second deep dive conversation Adam and I had on this day. The first for Adam’s podcast, and the second for episode 51 of the Stay Grounded podcast.

So listen in… you’re in for a treat.

As you’ll hear, Adam is an incredible human being.

This spoken word poet, filmmaker, and broadcaster has turned raw, authentic self-expression into a work of art which is so inspiring to others.

He’s not afraid to dance with fear or pain – instead he embraces it all on his path to ‘choosing love’. In this episode we talk about Adam’s fascination for the mechanics of how reality is created. We go well and truly down the rabbit hole! It’s an education in itself to get a taster at the lens through which this man sees the world.

You’ll hear all about how Adam and his partner of 9½ years chose to end their relationship – and why they filmed the breakup. You’ll also hear the reason why Adam is able to find compassion even in the face of childhood trauma.

This impromptu episode is a nod to a man who lives a courageous life inspired by the moment. I loved it and I just know you will too. So tune into the wisdom of our new friend, Adam Roa.


Some questions I ask:

  • The end of your 9 ½ year relationship. Why is it important to capture moments of yourself that are so vulnerable? [1:40]
  • How did you make the distinction to know that even though something was going well, it wasn’t going right? [5:00]
  • Can you experience pain, but through the lens of love? [11:17]
  • What was the first time you broke the victim cycle in your life? [22:18]
  • Why do you think it’s important to share who we are in order to find who we are? [28:35]
  • How do you forgive in an impossible situation? [52:49]
  • How do you stay grounded? [58:28]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why it’s hard to be a human in 2018. [3:22]
  • Going to wizard school and how you can hone intuition as a skill. [7:50]
  • How you cultivate trust in yourself. [16:24]
  • The power of choosing the lens that you look through life. [21:00]
  • The wall between men’s hearts. [35:05]
  • Why curiosity is love. [36:39]
  • The story of Adam’s first ever freestyle poem. [39:31]
  • Adam’s views on evil (and why it’s doing the best it can to love itself). [47:00]