Matthew Abrams

Matthew Abrams

Episode 50

How To Reach Your Fullest Potential

EP. 50 | “I actually am more brother and sister with people that are across incredibly diverse paths and walks of life than I had ever imagined.”

In this 50th episode (woohoo!) of the Stay Grounded Podcast, I wanted to bring you an extra special guest to mark this big milestone.

And Matthew Abrams delivered. Matthew’s passion (and life purpose) is to support individuals and collectives to reach their fullest potential. He does this by creating and holding courageous spaces where people feel safe to explore with vulnerability, and honesty.

The reason Matthew can do this so beautifully is because of his rich curiosity for himself and his fellow humans. After spending 9 months travelling, living, and working in really diverse cultures Matthew learned first hand how similar we all are – and how are differences can create deep connection.

We just have to be prepared to pull away the veil.

This episode is about collective evolution as much as it is about individual development.

Matthew addresses the sensitive issue of privilege, religion, and the barriers to wholeness in ourselves and as a collective. Could understanding that we all have a different piece of the puzzle help us find common ground and unite as one?

It’s a conversation that can get uncomfortable – Matthew acknowledges this, but inspires us to go to the uncomfortable edge because that’s where all the growth lies.

So brace yourselves for a deep discussion about courage, curiosity, and the need to understand yourself – so you can understand others. Dive into a conversation about vulnerable connection, deep self-awareness, and what can happen when we’re unwilling to go to get curious and walk through the doors that open..

I was so inspired by Matt’s presence and his philosophies – and I’m sure you will feel exactly the same.

So settle into this episode and let yourself be inspired and uplifted by your friend, the incredible Matthew Abrams.


Some questions I ask:

  • How did you learn to navigate life in the artful way that you do? [1:30]
  • Do you practice curiosity with yourself? [8:36]
  • How have your fears evolved over time? [15:55]
  • How do you get aware when you’re avoiding the shadow? [21:57]
  • Are there commonalities with your fears or do you fear many things? [24:55]
  • Where does ‘them v us’ come from? [28:00]
  • How has your self-awareness shown up in times when you’ve needed it most? [32:30]
  • How do you accelerate the development of self-awareness? [37:06]
  • How do you train yourself to have the courage to be a beginner? [42:30]
  • How do you stay grounded? [46:33]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why Matt’s life began when he was 27. [1:35]
  • The role of curiosity in our lives. [6:28]
  • Privilege: How society supports Matt to NOT be curious about himself and how it influences how he sees the world. [9:58]
  • What causes ‘otherness’, religion, and how we get fragmented as humans. [14:00]
  • The conversation Matthew’s has with his fears when they show up. [19:20]
  • The 5% ‘edge’ – why we avoid it, and why it’s where the magic sits. [31:26]
  • The story of Matthew’s parents’ divorce. [33:40]
  • The discipline to do the ‘work’ and two powerful reflection questions to ask yourself. [38:40]

Matthew Abrams