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Jesse Elder

Episode 49

Actualizing The Life YOU Want

EP 49 | “I can have whatever I want – I just have to think about it.”

It’s not often that you get to sit down with a man who sees no limits.

We live in a society where we’re conditioned to be average. We’re surrounded by restrictions and limitations that compel us to settle for less and drop dreams of a better life.

Jesse Elder doesn’t see life in the same way that most of us do.

The oldest of five, Jesse was homeschooled and raised in an environment where he was given a free reign. He had permission to explore his passions and his interests – free of the restrictions that most of us face. The freedom allowed him to take ownership of the things that got him excited.

And it began to program his mind to view life through a radically different lens.

Jesse is the modern day action philosopher.

And in this episode, you’ll discover how you can use your thoughts to get more out of your life – whether that’s more health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, or success.

So listen in with an open-mind and an open heart. You’re going to hear insights that will challenge the norm. You will hear ideas that go against the grain. But Jesse’s results speak for themselves.

Through his Mind Vitamins, his coaching programs, and mentorships, Jesse has helped hundreds of thousands of people live life on their terms. And thanks to this podcast, you can have that experience too.

Jesse takes us down all sorts of crazy rabbit holes in this episode.

We talk about fear, perception, pain, time, meditation, presence, resistance, visualization – you name it!

This powerful conversation reveals the strategies and mindsets Jesse uses to experience true freedom.

So get ready to reengineer your life. Get ready to explore how you can use your mind to create the life you really want. I took so much value from this episode and I know the same will be true for you.


Some questions I ask:

  • Was there an experience in your life that made visualization your preferred method of manifesting future – and when was the first time you witnessed the power of visualization in your life? [1:15]
  • Why were you able to evade some of the clouding and distractions that comes from churches, schools, and parents? [6:10]
  • How does the energy of fear feel to you? [16:39]
  • If you introduce calculated struggle in your life, can you access enhanced states on demand? Have you experienced this in your life? [20:35]
  • Why does the mind play resistance on repeat – even when we’ve realized the truth? [22:22]
  • How do you accelerate the process of reengineering your life in a sea of average? [26:00]
  • How does creating new normals expand your self awareness? [29:32]
  • What would you teach a child? [36:10]
  • What role does presence play and how do you cultivate it? [37:39]
  • How do you stay grounded? [47:20]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • The moment Jesse realized there was nothing he couldn’t have. [3:00]
  • When logic can be an amazing tool for you – and what you can do instead if you think you can’t do the things you want. [10:15]
  • The two reasons Jesse doesn’t fear anything anymore. [14:56]
  • Why we live in a society that’s completely designed to create average people. [23:25]
  • The importance of creating new experiences every day. [25:07]
  • Why it’s BS that you become the average of the five people you hang around with. [28:00]
  • How Jesse views time and how this transforms perception and the way you approach life. [32:00]
  • How to be present with pain. [42:23]
  • The PAIN acronym. [44:35]

Jesse Elder