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Steve Sims

Episode 48

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

EP. 48 | “Experiences develop you. They define you. They refine your attitude.”

This episode’s guest has been called “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine because he has the ability to make the impossible, possible.

Nowadays, Steve Sims rubs shoulders with celebrities and billionaires. His luxury personal concierge service, Bluefish, creates incredible experiences for its members and allows Steve to live an interesting life vicariously through his clients.

But it wasn’t always this way. Steve started out as a bricklayer. As an East London boy who grew up in a low income family, he was well versed in the ‘them vs us’ culture.

He’d look at the people who seemed to have it all and wondered why he couldn’t live like that. When he realized there was no real reason (and it was all in his head), he started to challenge himself to live a fuller life on a daily basis.

And in this episode, Steve shares how you can do the same by using experiences to seize life by the horns and infuse everyday with surprise, delight, and wonder – even without money.

But why do experiences create such a potent way of living?

Steve reveals how we’re questioning the value of material possessions more and more. We’re asking ourselves value do physical items really have? We don’t have to buy a $50k watch, we can join a club and borrow one. We don’t have to own a Ferrari, we can rent one.

Experiences transcend any money and touch you somewhere much deeper. They’re a pattern interrupt and they change you for life. Once you’ve had an experience it doesn’t matter what else happen in your life. You’ve always got that moment and that memory.

But that’s not all…

The process of creating experiences also requires you face your fear of failure.

They provide insane growth opportunities.

It’s why this conversation with Steve dives into juicy topics such as risk taking, judgement, being the dumbest person in the room, and even finding your ‘unicorn’. So buckle up! This whisky loving biker is going to take you on a crazy ride that might just transform how you live your life for good.

Some questions I ask:

  • You’ve worked with some incredible people. Why do you think people who have it all are so intrigued by the experiences you create for them? [6:02]
  • What makes an experience worth changing in your mind? [10:26]
  • How do you use experiences to grow? [19:40]
  • How do you get to be OK with people seeing you fail? [32:43]
  • How do you build the awareness to know what you should be learning from different people? [39:59]
  • What’s the most interesting 5% that you discovered someone else had that you didn’t know existed? [43:55]
  • How do you stay grounded? [54:52]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why Steve is so fascinated with delivering experiences. [8:30]
  • The bike story and how it teaches us to let bad experiences refine you, NOT define you. [14:00]
  • Why Steve chooses appetizers that he doesn’t know. [20:54]
  • The story of the fall in the mall and what it teaches us about fear. [27:00]
  • The crab story and what it teaches us about judgement and other people’s success. [34:34]
  • The BMX story – why you don’t have to be an expert to get the answers and make the right choices. [39:13]
  • How Steve figures out his client’s ‘unicorn’ – and how you can do this for you. [40:27]

Steve Sims