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Frank Mocerino

Episode 45

Transforming Poor Health Into an Impactful, Fulfilling Life

EP. 45 | “There’s a lot more going on here than just cells floating around in my body. My mind has a lot more to do with it than I believe.”

Frank started college just like any other student. He was outgoing, social, and identified himself as an athlete.

But that all changed in his second semester when he got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Used to peak fitness and endless physical energy, Frank started to experience intense stomach pains and blood in his stools – on a daily basis. Sport became painful and Frank’s social life dried up because he never wanted to be far from a toilet.

After 18 months of declining health, Frank put his trust in the doctors and agreed to have his colon removed. This involved major surgery and a length recovery process. Frank felt better for a few months, then the pain started all over again.

In this episode, Frank tells his story of finding positivity amongst this chaos.

He shares how he was able to learn from his dwindling health to take control of his life and find a way to be of service to others..

After traditional medicine failed to provide answers, Frank became the CEO of his own health – a decision that opened the door to an intense journey of spiritual and personal development.

Frank learned to see his physical condition through a broader lens. He realized the problem wasn’t just in his physical body – it was connected to his emotions and mindset too. He learned that overall wellness and human optimization is a combination or emotional, spiritual, and physical pillars. Neglect one of these and it create a dis-ease state in another part of your body.

It’s what makes this episode so fascinating.

This podcast is more than a journey back to health. It’s also shows how you can keep control and influence – even when you feel your life is held back by factors outside of your control.

So tune into this episode and listen to an incredible conversation about health, happiness, business, and the role your everyday decisions and habits play in creating a life that’s fulfilling – regardless of your circumstances.

Frank really is a rockstar and I can’t wait for you to be inspired by this unbelievable episode.


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Can you tell us about your first illness? [5.29]
  • How was life for you after your colon was removed? [12:50]
  • What happened when you got Lymes Disease? [14:50]
  • What gave you the confidence to take ownership of your conditions and seek alternative solutions? [18:18]
  • How long did it take you to internalize new habits – and did your pain accelerate the process at all? [30:00]
  • Why did your body not want you to change? [33:22]
  • Give me a tangible example of how focusing on one part of your life led to clarity in another part. [36:50]
  • What is it about love that allows the body to heal? [41:30]
  • How do you stay grounded on a daily basis? [52:18]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Frank was advised to have his colon removed – and the harrowing detail of what this procedure involves. [10:00]
  • Why Frank became the CEO of his own health. [20:50]
  • The improvements Frank noticed as he began exploring alternative solutions. [22:19]
  • How Frank ‘repatterned his identity’ with the help of Rob Scott – getting results after just three days. [23:59]
  • Frank on the power of goal setting to create a life you love. [27:50]
  • Frank’s wellness routine and anchors. [32:00]
  • The interesting link between disease and emotions. [35:00]
  • The power of authentic human connection – what happened when Frank had cracks in his armor and he allowed other people in to support him. [38:52]
  • How love can play out in business – and what Frank is really selling at The Ohm Store. [45:45]
  • The real reason people buy products (and how this transforms what you sell). [48:25]

Frank Mocerino