Marc Cordon

Marc Cordon

Episode 40

How To Turn Growing Pains Into A Better Life

EP. 40 | “There is no wrong way to live life.”

I’m super pumped for episode 40. It’s another BIG milestone for the Stay Grounded podcast and we’ve got an incredible guest to mark this special occasion.

Marc Cordon and I have similar roots. As second generation immigrants, we’ve both grown up as minorities trying to find our own version of the American dream. And it’s been one hell of a ride!

As you’ll hear in this episode, Marc wasn’t always the approachable, compassionate guy you’ll hear today. He used to be ‘an angry Asian’ – desperate to not be Filipino so he could be like everyone else and fit it. But that wasn’t Marc’s destiny. In fact, standing out became the very thing that helped him achieve the success he enjoys today.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Marc is the coach that coaches the coaches. A positive psychology expert and the force behind Make Money Coaching Program, Marc’s mission is to empower people and have as much fun as possible.

So settle in because you’re in for a treat! Along with some incredibly honest life advice, Marc dives into his story from former Asian band, to social justice campaigner, to highly sought after coach. I took a whole ton from this conversation and I know you will too.

Another thing Marc and I have in common is our obsession with using fear as a positive force.

In this episode, Marc shares some of the neuroscience and psychology that helps explains why fear shows up and how you can channel it. It’s a game-changer. As you’ll see, this all tracks back to our tribal roots.

There’s a wake up call right there… because the voice that tells you that you can’t do something stems from just a tiny bundle of cells. The rest of your incredible brain isn’t being used.

It’s why – as Marc says – positive psychology can only explain so much. The rest of it, you just gotta get out there and life your life. You’ve got to go with the ups, the downs, and the all arounds!

P.S. Make sure you listen right to the end of this episode and you’ll discover how to grab a FREE copy of Marc’s upcoming book.


Some questions I ask:

  • How did you get into positive psychology? [4:29]
  • How did you flip your us v them mentality to one that’s more inclusive and warm? [12:35]
  • How does separating suffering from growing pains link back to finding your purpose? [17:14]
  • If we’re meant to grow together, how does solo growth fit into the mix and what’s a good balance between the two? [20:15]
  • How do you reframe loneliness and turn it into something you can positively use to find happiness and fulfillment? [24:30]
  • How do you turn yourself into someone who’s never surprised by change so you can embrace change in your own life? [29:05]
  • How do you build belief in your own life and how do you keep fostering that spirit so that you can continue moving forward as you evolve and grow? [31:42]
  • How do you train yourself to savor moments? [38:50]
  • Once you figured out the distinction between pain and suffering, did you ever have a point in your life when you got pulled back? [44:35]
  • In the midst of everything you’ve gone through, how do you remember to stay grounded? [49:50]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • What Marc saw was working and how that framed his future life. [6:24]
  • How Marc got to play in the ‘best Asian band in the south.’ [8:38]
  • ‘What went wrong?” The song lyrics that summed up Marc’s life and helped him make a shift. [10:10]
  • How Michael Jackson helped Marc figure out what he wanted to do. [11:05]
  • Marc’s ‘weak minded view’ of social justice. [12:15]
  • Why a conversation about a student’s best class made Marc so angry. [13:51]
  • How Marc sees happiness – and the problem with goal setting. [15:23]
  • The difference between loneliness and solitude – and why the difference matters. [21:05]
  • Why you should feel the feels and why judgement is all part of that. [25:40]
  • The sure-fire way of going to your deathbed with regrets. [28:00]
  • Why we get scared by other people’s success. [30:30]
  • Kaisan, the importance of 1%, and the value of micro moments. [36:28]
  • How to proactively use pain to grow. [42:30]
  • Why the Hero’s Journey is a spiral, NOT a cycle. [45:35]