raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 280


Quieting Your Inner Critic

I’ve known for a while that April would be a big month. Earlier in the year, I booked an 8-day ayahuasca retreat with 21 other men. 

This is the most nights I’ve sat in a ceremony, and the first with a group of men. I spent the first three weeks of April prepping for the event. It was important to me to get clarity on the intentions I wanted to take into ceremony. 

The retreat was an invitation to explore what’s been hiding in my shadow – the source of my greatest fears and my greatest potential. It’s been a long road to get to this point in my life, but something inside me knew it was time to ask myself the bold questions that I was afraid to know the answers to.

What resulted was the most transformative journey I’ve ever experienced. I found the root of my inner critic, and replaced the critical voice in my head with that of a compassionate guide. My relationship with myself has shifted entirely. More than that, I now understand what it means to love myself fully – and it’s changing how I show up in every single area of my life. 

I share many more details and takeaways in the episode, including: 

  • Using feelings in the body as a gateway to healing
  • Recognizing and communicating with the different voices within 
  • Cultivating compassion for the protective mechanisms that cause pain. 
  • The power of seeing others as a mirror. 
  • What’s possible when you feel trapped emotions. 
  • Honoring the commitments I make with myself. 
  • And more…

Thank you all for giving me the gift of your attention. I hope you enjoy this month’s reflection episode.

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