Mike Clark

Episode 279


Balancing Surrender vs Power

Mike Clark is a dear friend, seasoned serial entrepreneur, and passionate life enthusiast who’s on a mission to master the dance between embracing life’s flow and stepping into personal power. With a track record of building and exiting several successful businesses and a deep-rooted passion for being alive, Mike’s explorations have taken him into some fascinating realms of personal, spiritual, and creative development (which we cover in depth in the episode).

When it comes to surrendering into one’s truth and creating a life that is in alignment with ALL of you, it is necessary to embrace our authentic selves fully and prioritize STAYING connected to what really matters. Mike shares several examples from his own life where he consciously chose to surrender his ambitions when he knew they were not aligned with his true purpose. Clark’s insights offer valuable advice on recognizing when to let go of endeavors that do not serve our authentic selves and finding courage in living according to our inner truth.

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