Lindsay Sukornyk

Episode 276


Learning To Be The Parent You Needed

This episode is with my soul sister and dear friend, Lindsay Sukornyk. Lindsay is a TEDx speaker, transformational leadership coach for game changers, mama of 4, and one of the most inspiring souls I know. Her depth and willingness to navigate the edges of her psyche is one of my favorite things about her. In this deep dive conversation recorded LIVE in Nosara, Lindsay and I discuss using parts therapy to practice self love, learning to parent yourself as a form of self therapy, and how awareness is THE most powerful medicine of all. It was an incredibly enlightening conversation that left me nourished from the inside out. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this one as much as I did recording.

Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is not intended to replace professional mental health support. Listeners should always consult with a licensed mental health professional before using any tools or strategies discussed on the show.



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