Spencer Jacobson

Episode 273


The Value Of A Broken Heart

Spencer Jacobson is a purpose and embodiment coach, serial entrepreneur, facilitator of men’s work retreats, co-founder of Dance Meets Tantra, and forever a student of the healing arts – having extensively studied dance, sacred sexuality, somatic experiencing, cranial sacral therapy, and yoga. 

Today, we talk about how taking courageous action in alignment with our heart’s deepest desires is actually what cultivates the capacity to stay grounded and be present with the highs and lows of life. This was a beautiful conversation about keeping your heart open inside of adversity, what it really takes to experience deep and nourishing fulfillment in every moment, and how to increase your capacity to receive all that life has in store for you. I hope Spencer’s wisdom inspires you to find the courage to stop denying your heart’s deepest desires and go after what you really want for in your life.

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