Michael Fenchel

Episode 272


Honoring The Seasons of Life

Michael Fenchel is a social entrepreneur and facilitator who has started four successful companies including Breathe For Change, a movement enhancing the well-being of over 5,000,000 teachers, students, and school community members. Beyond his accomplishments, Michael is a heart centered leader and committed to exploring the depths of himself so that he can serve the people in his life with passion and grounded connection. 

An overview of everything we explored:

  • The deep introspection that led to the birth of Michael’s four companies 
  • How to infuse more meaning into day to day living
  • Honoring the seasons of life within ourselves 
  • The importance of staying anchors in our feelings 
  • How VisionQuest supports Michael’s ability to show up in relationships 
  • How this period of introspection is different from Michael’s previous period of introspection
  • The state of flow is the Universe’s message of harmony
  • And so much more…

I’m so grateful to have had such a deep, nourishing conversation with a person I admire as much as Michael. I hope this conversation allows each one of you to be a curious student like I was and that you’re able to learn about the importance of introspection. 

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