raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 271


You Can’t Miss What Is Meant For You

How do you navigate life when your reality doesn’t align with your expectations? 

February was a month of deep and difficult reflection for me. I found myself revisiting the topic of attachments and expectations – in business, health, and relationships. 

In many ways, I’ve been battling with myself as I cultivate the courage to stay connected to the magic of the moment instead of dwelling on the unmet desires of my ego. 

I think this is a common dilemma. 

What does it mean when we don’t manifest what we think we want? Maybe it’s an invitation to look for grace and fall deeper into faith. 

Because what if the true reality is that you can’t miss what is meant for you? 

As usual, I’m joined by your old friend Georgina El Morshdy in this reflection episode. 

Tune in now to hear us explore: 

  • Why reflection has the power to create meaning. 
  • Why meaning ignites a natural source of energy that makes life interesting. 
  • The difference between goals and expectations. 
  • The art of staying connected to the magic of the moment. 
  • Suffering as a choice. 
  • How to use love as a disruptive force in the universe. 
  • Why reflection helps us integrate life experiences and philosophical concepts. 
  • And more…

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