Danielle Sunberg

Episode 269


Finding Your North Star

Danielle Sunberg is such a delight. Because of her background as an attorney, she loves to ask questions, and her questions are extremely thought-provoking. 

After winning the biggest trial of her career, Danielle left behind the world of traditional success to travel the world and follow the voice in her heart. She is an author, a transformational coach, and an international keynote speaker who helps others go from a sense of doing to a sense of being. Her new book, Atlas of Being: From Briefcase to Backpack, One Former Lawyer’s Exploration of the Human Way, offers an incredible framework for you to answer the call of your inner being to create your most extraordinary life.

An overview of everything we explored:

  • Listening to the voice in your head to guide your life
  • What role the mind plays in a path guided by the heart 
  • Deciding to live without rules is still a rule
  • Danielle’s definition of North Star
  • What Danielle’s book includes
  • Surrendering into suffering unravels it quicker
  • Taking things off your to-do list and allowing the universe to provide
  • How Danielle stays grounded
  • And so much more…

Danielle and I talk in-depth about how we are each born with an intrinsic north star that is always there to fall back on in our most difficult moments. Danielle is a delightful human being and her story is a reminder of the unshakeable wisdom present in the depths of our hearts. I hope this conversation inspires the courage to trust that wisdom no matter what.

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