raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 268


Finding Certainty In An Uncertain World

This episode is my January reflection, a practice that has changed its flavor over time. Instead of finding lessons to learn from my reflections, I’m discovering patterns; it’s like I keep coming back to what has worked and keeps working, and I find myself doubling down on what is true. Perhaps these reflections are transitioning into affirmations. 

As usual, I’m joined by my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy to help me steer the conversation’s flow and make sure you get the most out of it. 

In this reflection episode, we explore:

  • The differences between being grounded and ungrounded
  • Why having hard conversations is a shortcut to creating change
  • The spoken word is the most powerful wand
  • How to entice massive transformations through self-forgiveness
  • How to integrate the idea of several deaths in a lifetime
  • What are angry responses protecting us from
  • What kind of questions invite an environment of forgiveness

A word that keeps coming when I think of 2023 is trust. You are exactly where you are supposed to be; trust that you’ll reach what you seek. Seek to feel comfortable in uncertainty, remembering that uncertainty is the only certain thing in this world. 

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