Rick Cowley

Episode 267


Coming Alive Within Yourself

This episode is a conversation with my friend, Rick Cowley. We go IN on all things purpose.

Rick Cowley is the founder of VysionQuest, a company that has programs and retreats geared to helping you unlock your life’s true purpose. His company was born from him being a cancer survivor in his early 20s. 

What I love about Rick is he LIVES his life’s purpose. His cancer diagnosis spurred an unapologetic quest to live his most authentic life.  In fact, Rick even goes as far to call his diagnosis a “golden ticket.”

An overview of everything we explored:

  • Purpose and its unique way of being
  • Connecting to the truth of who we are
  • How to breakthrough the fears and excuses that are stopping you from living your life’s purpose
  • The sweet spot of structure and how it aligns with the flow of life and creativity
  • Clarity is a compass that guides you
  • The role of regret when it comes to purpose
  • How Rick stays grounded 
  • And so much more…

This was an amazing episode to record. If you’re wanting to unlock your life’s purpose, you do not want to miss this.

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