Oren Harris

Episode 265


Waking Up The Courage Of The Heart

This episode is a conversation with my new friend, Oren Harris—love leader, mastery coach, transcendent artist, and awakener of evolutionary potential. 

Oren Harris is a mastery coach whose mission is to help others actualize their fullest potential. He does this by showing people how to tap into their unique flow to experience the full expression of their soul’s gifts. He’s on a mission to help others embody a fearless way of living that is aligned with their divine legacy. 

What I love most about Oren is how this man LIVES in his heart. He has infectious energy that transcends the page; it’s palpable in every post he makes on social media. Seriously, you need him in your life. 

An overview of everything we explored:

  • What is divine union?
  • How fear disrupts the natural state of synchronicity
  • The release of resistance allows intimacy and vulnerability to truly fulfill us
  • Cultivating courage within ourselves
  • Recognizing specific moments of realization within our subconscious 
  • All fear is the fear of feeling 
  • Getting impulses from the infinite intelligence that comes through our hearts
  • Disrupting the tension below the surface for growth
  • And so much more…

This was one hell of an episode to kick off 2023 with. If you’re wanting to unlock your limitless power and true genius, this is an episode you do not want to miss. 

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