Dr. Amy Albright

Episode 263


Waking Up Your Spiritual Gifts

This episode is a re-release of our most downloaded episode from 2022, and one of the most instrumental people to enter my life – Dr Amy Albright.

I first met this episode’s guest at a dinner earlier in the year. We had an instant connection that led to us spending time on the podcast, in private coaching sessions, healing journeys, and beyond. 

At the time I met Dr Amy, I was really curious about ways to connect deeper with my intuition. Little did I know the journey that yearning would take me down. This episode serves as an entry point for those on a similar path. For those who wish to turn up the dial to hear, sense, and feel their intuitive guidance in louder and more profound ways

Dr. Amy Albright is on a mission to advance humanity. She’s a top-tier executive coach, and strategic business advisor to high-level CEOs, leaders of multi-million & billion-dollar companies, and social changemakers. With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Amy serves as the life-changing catalyst in her clients’ lives. Through her unorthodox methods, Dr. Amy guides her clients through extraordinary transformations using her cutting-edge blend of neuroscience, consciousness, personal development, and business success. 

Here’s an overview of everything we explored: 

  • What is spiritual intuition?
  • Why do some people wake up and others don’t? 
  • Leaning into moments of truth. 
  • Remembering and reconnecting with indigenous wisdom. 
  • What is a spiritual gift? 
  • Expanding our level of consciousness. 
  • What is presence?
  • The most important thing you can give to another. 
  • What’s happening in presence. 
  • The Holon Breath Practice for activating presence.
  • Bifurcation is why we suffer. 
  • The potency of making meaning from nature. 

If you’re ready to discover the magic that can happen when you lean into what’s true in this moment – as well as some techniques that can take you there – do not miss this incredible conversation with Dr. Amy Albright. 

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