Steve Little

Episode 262


Stop Efforting, Start Listening

“This episode is a re-run of one of my favorite episodes from the year with my dear friend, mentor, and soul brother – Steve Little.”

As I get ready for my yearly reflection, I’ve been going back through old notes and episodes to revisit key principles that made the most profound shifts in the way I live my life. Steve’s perspectives on “efforting” led to some pretty important breakthroughs, hence it’s being shared again. 

Steve is the CEO and managing partner of Zero Limits Ventures, a M&A advisory, investment banking, and consulting firm. Steve has been an entrepreneur for 45 years. He sold his first business when he was just 15 for $250k. Since then, Steve has architectured 6 nine-figure tech exits and led the M&A teams for 9 tech acquisitions. 

What I love most about Steve is the way he integrates energetics into the way he operates in business. Steve reminded me that there are unconscious forces that create our reality every day. As you’ll hear in the episode, Steve takes ownership of his own energetic blueprint by continuously doing the inner work to clear his system of what’s no longer aligned. 

Tune in now to hear Steve and I explore: 

  • Steve’s story of supporting AIDS orphans in Africa. 
  • Working with the foremost authority of the Hoʻoponopono ancient Hawaiian healing method. 
  • Self-forgiveness. 
  • Cleaning up what’s within you. 
  • How to create your dream life on a piece of paper. 
  • Finding the balance between leaning back & leaning in. 
  • Why you need to continue to seek. 
  • What Steve does when things aren’t working. 
  • The Starbucks story of universal timing. 
  • And more…

I love meeting people who are so bold about the role that spiritual conviction plays in creation. In this episode, Steve shares some of the practices that have allowed him to co-create with the universe along with stories that provide proof that the universe is always communicating with you. 

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