Loka Pandya

Episode 257


How To Connect With Childlike Joy

“I realized that joy is about working through your emotions, releasing your emotions, and also being intentional about your joy.”

Loka Pandya is a motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, a DeLorean collector, and a passionate life enthusiast who’s dedicated to deep healing work. 

In his work, Loka is on a mission to awaken the inner child joy that lies within all of us. Loka’s passion for igniting joy began after his mother died when he was 13. Almost overnight, Loka transformed from a highly competitive, ambitious teen into a young man who wanted to help others feel better. 

Over time, his overgiving character put him on a rollercoaster of extreme highs and deep lows. The pattern was exhausting. Loka succeeded in making the world happy, but inside, he was sad. In response, Loka threw the kitchen sink at his healing journey, trying every tool and modality he could get his hands on. 

This inner journey taught Loka that healing depended on his ability to feel his true emotions. He also learned you could intentionally trigger joy and choose how to feel. 

Today, Loka empowers people to tap into their childlike joy so they can experience more love and happiness. This episode is a heartwarming dive into Loka’s personal journey of healing, along with tools and tips for igniting joy and reconnecting with your inner child.

Key takeaways:

  • Exploring your relationship with receiving.
  • What happens when the high highs and low lows become exhausting? 
  • Loka’s “folder of joy.” 
  • Reframing triggers into initiations. 
  • Pausing to create space for a response. 
  • Reclaiming control of your power to choose. 
  • The power of healing through baby steps. 
  • Doing the one thing each day that helps you heal. 
  • Staying grounded through a routine. 


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