Dr. Joanna LaPrade

Episode 253

Understanding Yourself Through Archetypes

“I think our culture has tricked ourselves into thinking there are cute things that we can do that will make us automatically on the other side of the doorway, and there isn’t. You have to walk through the doorway.”

Although darkness is an inevitable aspect of life, our culture offers few pathways through it. In many ways, modern life has distanced itself from indigenous rituals that have been used for thousands of years to provide clarity & direction. As a result, many people lose their footing and struggle to make sense of life’s darkest moments. 

As a Jungian psychotherapist, Dr. Joanna LaPrade believes mythology can offer a roadmap for all of us to experience the fullness of our human potential.

When you study myths and explore the similarities between your life and that of the Gods and heroes of the many worlds, you might find that we’re not that different. In every mythic tale lies a story of how life’s challenges and discomforts are here to reveal more of who you are. 

In her work, Joanna empowers people to cultivate self-awareness by deepening their connection with their inner world. She takes an archetypal perspective, leaning on mythology and symbolism to help people navigate their underworld. Joanna is the founder of Aion Psychotherapy, an educator, and the author of Forged In Darkness. The Many Paths To Personal Transformation.

Key takeaways:

  • Defining darkness. 
  • The power of pulling from mythology. 
  • Understanding who we are through archetypes. 
  • Finding the myths that are true for you. 
  • Why Joanna started to unpack the hero archetype. 
  • Integrating mythology & archetypes into your inner work journey. 
  • What is heroism and why do we think about it so singularly? 
  • And more…

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