Gina Worful

Episode 252


Releasing The Shame Around Your Emotions

“Doing the work is the journey of questioning. Once you question and you become aware, it’s making choices.”

Over the last four years, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on my inner work journey. I chose to turn myself into my own research project, and this time in my life has been a period of massive growth, reflection, and expansion. 

In this episode, I’ve paired up with my beautiful life partner Gina to open up about the rock bottom experiences that brought us to our knees, and how we used those experiences as catalysts to shift the way we lived our lives.

The journey of increasing awareness is potent, powerful, and profound. Eventually, you uncover the underlying factors that are unconsciously creating your reality. It’s the work that returns you to your personal power. It’s a rich inquiry that elevates your ability to choose differently and shift the course of your life for good.

I hope this week’s episode is a glimpse of the ecstatic level of fulfillment possible when you choose to face your fears and lean into the wisdom of what wants to be shown.

Key takeaways:

  • Why hormonal imbalance became a gateway for Gina to go inwards. 
  • When stress-relieving techniques aren’t effective
  • We’ve normalized living with chronic stress. 
  • How compartmentalizing is a coping strategy. 
  • Looking inward to discover hidden beliefs. 
  • The ego death from coming clean to my ex
  • Why the secret to healing is to understand your nervous system responses. 
  • Creating the space for a proactive response. 
  • The liberation that comes from looking at discomfort. 
  • Information about a LIVE group healing experience. 
  • And more… 

If you’re interested in being supported by myself and a team of veterans as you learn to do the inner work in a safe community setting, join our October Cohort of Precision Emotional Healing.

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