Mike Cline & Emily Rasowsky

Episode 251

The Power of Healing In Community

“We can learn something from everyone. Mirrors exist everywhere. All of nature is contained in the fractal pattern of a single leaf or a single feed”

About 4 years into my personal growth journey, it became clear that there was only so much inner work I could do on my own. My solo efforts often gave me a breakthrough, but my deepest inner work always came when engaging in community.

Community-based healing is THE most powerful catalyst and an accelerant for personal growth because of the abundance of mirrors. When you’re surrounded by others, it’s harder to hide your flaws. When you’re surrounded by tribe, you begin the journey of seeing yourself the way others see you. When you’re healing alongside others, there’s more opportunities to find your blindspots and reveal the places where there’s more work to be done.

In this episode, I’m joined by my partners at the Humans Are Good Foundation, Mike Cline & Emily Rasowsky.

Together, we’ve pooled our resources, skills, and healing experiences to share a framework for going inward that’s rooted in science and steeped in community support. In this episode, Emily & Mike share their own paths to liberation, and together, share the impact community based healing has had on our own lives

Be sure to listen to the end where we discuss how you can access a framework to help you heal your deepest core wounds in a community setting.

Key takeaways:

  • How we realized we needed community support to take our healing journey to the next level.
  • Everyone is a representation of each other.
  • Uncovering the unprocessed emotional data bound in our nervous systems.
  • Community gives us access to different examples and role models of what’s possible.
  • The concept of psychological safety and how it helps us heal.
  • Unsafe vs uncomfortable (and learning to distinguish between the two).
  • You are your own greatest research project.
  • How early childhood experiences shape our present-day stressors and challenges.
  • The link between self-forgiveness and liberation.
  • As a collective, we don’t have the time for lengthy, expensive healing journeys.

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