Trey & Grace Stinnett

Episode 249


Finding Flow Through Conscious Parenting

“So much of our desires are culturally programmed desires. If I can begin to understand who I am, then I can begin to stop doing the things that are not for me and are not me. ”

Trey and Grace Stinnett are the founders of the Academy of Conscious Entrepreneurs – an organization that helps people grow a company without sacrificing time at home by aligning business with personal flow. Informed by mental models and personality profiles such as Wealth Dynamics and Human Design, Trey and Grace empower clients to elevate their consciousness at home and work. 

What I loved most about this episode was hearing how Trey and Grace have integrated their work into all aspects of their live, creating a path for conscious living. These philosophies have informed their parenting, too, empowering their children onto the path of authentic, self-aware living from a young age. 

Creating a life of flow and alignment can be part of our legacy, and in this episode, Trey & Grace share how to make that vision a reality. 

Key takeaways:

  • What does flow mean? 
  • How Wealth Dynamics profiles help you get into your flow. 
  • Removing things I shouldn’t be doing so I can be more authentically me. 
  • The concept of deconditioning. 
  • The power of using frameworks and tools to know who you are. 
  • Empowering children through profiles and archetypes. 
  • Immersing children in an environment that cultivates a growth mindset
  • Creating an emotional platform for children to thrive. 
  • Changing the narrative around traumatic experiences to empower people to navigate them. 
  • The four phases of flow. 

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