Justin Sharpe

Episode 246


Practicing Conscious Awareness

“Words are like magic and sentences are like spells. They can take on multiple meanings. They can put things in motion. They are so powerful.”

Justin Sharpe is the serial entrepreneur with several companies and a wide range of lived experiences.

Listen to this conversation, and you’ll get an insight into how a deep-thinking entrepreneur processes his thoughts, experiences, and personal stories. It’s this depth of thinking that first drew me to Justin. I was inspired by his insatiable commitment to scrutinize himself for the purpose of knowing his truth.

This episode dives deep into Justin’s personal life philosophies. We learn how his mother’s origin story led to an incredibly difficult childhood and how Justin chose to see his life through a more empowering lens and create a beautiful life for himself.  You’ll hear about the tools and practices Justin uses to go inwards and create his realities. We also explore definitions of purpose and how who you are can matter more than what you do.

Key takeaways:

  • How Justin brings conscious awareness to his unconscious operating systems. 
  • Integrating the wisdom of the mind, body, and soul. 
  • How words are magic and sentences are spells. 
  • Redefining our ability to navigate fear. 
  • Setting ourselves up to have deeper questions. 
  • How the higher self communicates to us through our body. 
  • Unpacking the programming of our subconscious. 
  • Remembering that we have the power to CHOOSE. 
  • Leading with intrigue and curiosity. 
  • Why the context of Justin’s mom’s story matters. 

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