Craig Villani

Episode 245


How To Hold Space For Transformation

“The process of enlightenment may be realizing that reality in life exists for us and that we have the capacity to transform it and our relationship to it just by perspective alone.”

Craig Villani has been in the yoga space for decades. A teacher since 1999, Craig has guided thousands of facilitators and instructors through one of the world’s most challenging hatha yoga teacher training programs. 

For Craig, yoga is about creating space for transformation, connection, exploring oneness, and knowing self. In this episode, Craig shares how the gift of witnessing and participating in human transformation empowered him to “midwife it, facilitate it, and assist it.” 

Craig’s insights about transformation, combined with his lived experience, make him a must-hear guest. I’m rarely blown away by people because of the amount of work they’ve done on themselves. Craig is the exception.

Key takeaways:

  • Why is the word ALLOW so powerful.
  • What is bliss?
  • Witnessing humans in transformation.
  • The layered definition of yoga.
  • Exploring the different aspects of self.
  • Why we choose to forget.
  • The role of death on the path to liberation.
  • The gift of holding space.
  • Unfolding the veil that separates our selves.
  • Experiencing wholeness and fulfillment in our lives.

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