raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 243


Discovering The Art Of Self-Love

“True liberation is found in the journey of self-love”

After my experiences during July 2022, I’ve come to believe that the entire game of life is about discovering how to love yourself.

The month started with a vulnerable conversation with Gina about codependency and outsourcing the responsibility we both have to self love. What followed was a month of expansive exploration round what it means to love myself and a renewed commitment to creating a f*ck YES, 10/10, conscious and flowing relationship. 

I’m sharing everything I learned in this episode, so it’s full of practical tips as well as vulnerable personal reflections. You’ll discover self-love examples and definitions to understand what self-love looks like. You’ll explore how life offers mirrors to ignite a self-love expansion. And perhaps most valuably, you’ll learn my systematic framework for loving yourself. 

As usual, Georgina El Morshdy is here to help guide the conversation. This one’s a doozy. Don’t miss it!

Key takeaways:

  • Relationship mirrors for igniting an exploration into self-love
  • What it’s like to demand a 10/10 relationship for yourself
  • Replacing codependency with self-love
  • Why we outsource self-love
  • Understanding how self-love is an inner game
  • My systematic framework for loving yourself
  • How to ensure a desire to ‘be better’ doesn’t become a destructive force
  • Why we feel the need to DO in order to be loved
  • What nature teaches us about self-love
  • And more…

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