Dr. Sherry Walling

Episode 242


Being Fully Present With Grief & Loss

“I’d watch so many people find their way through painful experiences so that when I experienced mine, I had this deep sense of knowing that I wouldn’t get lost in it, that I would meander out eventually.”

Dr. Sherry is a clinical psychologist, speaker, podcaster, yoga teacher, mental advocate, and bestselling author who’s just published her latest book – Touching Two Worlds. Through her company, ZenFounder, Dr. Sherry empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to do hard things by exploring creative ways to get unstuck.

Despite grief being a certainty, most of us struggle to navigate the landscape of loss. Dr. Sherry lost her dad to cancer and her brother to suicide within six months of each other. In this episode, Dr. Sherry shares what she learned through her experience of “touching two worlds.” This conversation is a potent exploration of death, loss, and grief inspired by Dr. Sherry’s own lived wisdom combined with her experience guiding others through painful experiences.  

Sherry’s wisdom inspires the confidence to learn how to grieve while providing an invitation to explore your own relationship with death and dying.

Key takeaways:

  • Differentiating between moments to learn and moments to grieve and feel. 
  • Integrating the mind, heart, and body. 
  • Meaning-making as a strategy for escapism. 
  • Allowing as a tool for presence and integration. 
  • Sherry’s experience of fighting for her brother. 
  • “I love you”… the most powerful force on this planet. 
  • Noticing the traces of love throughout our lives. 
  • The art of touching two worlds. 
  • How circus arts helped Sherry navigate grief.
  • Making an appointment with grief. 
  • What is aliveness?

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