raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 239


Unleashing Your Infinite Creative Potential

“This month has been doing the work, having the journeys, experiencing the energetic upleveling, and clearing my own beliefs about myself and the way the world is supposed to be and stepping into my power as a creator.”


Welcome to my June reflection. This one’s a big one! Hands down, June 2022 has been one of the most powerful months of growth and evolution I’ve ever experienced in the 4-5 years of my choosing to go inwards. 

This month, I learned to look at my life with radical responsibility for everything that’s showing up – no matter how incredible or challenging. I got to remember that I am the cause of all that I see and that insight gifted me a new lens to look at the world. 

Thanks to powerful healing experiences with gifted mentors and deep conversations with myself, I’ve been able to uplevel in so many ways. I’m grateful for all the mirrors that showed up in June, each of them empowering me to step out of my own way and reclaim the knowing that I am the creator in my life. 



June turned out to be a massive turning point in my own journey. I learned how much you can grow when you choose to pay attention to the right things. 

As usual, your old friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and help guide the conversation to ensure you get the most out of it. Here’s an overview of the topics and insights we explored:

  • How Steve Little (a recent guest) inspired my June uplevel. 
  • Learning to play in the realm of energetics. 
  • Deep healing of my entitlement wound. 
  • How I subconsciously create realities I don’t want. 
  • Removing the things that keep me from Creator Mode. 
  • Tools for shifting into empowered states of being. 
  • The power to choose how you feel. 
  • Growing through the power of conscious relationships. 
  • Understanding that my soul chose to experience liberation. 
  • How I integrate the lessons that life is teaching me. 
  • Finding your edge and settling in to play. 
  • And more! 



I’m so grateful for this podcast and I’m grateful for you. I’m so grateful that you’ve given me this space to share my journey and it lifts my heart to know my sharing is activating and inviting something in you. 

This episode is a reminder of how powerful we all are – even in a challenging world that can leave us feeling unsure and uncertain. When you remember that YOU are the creator in your life, everything changes. I hope this episode reminds you of that.  

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