Christian Swain

Episode 238


Discovering Who You Are Through Music

“You will find music that will speak to what you are going through at any time in your life.”


I recorded this conversation with Christian Swain LIVE at the Feast it Forward Festival. Christian is the founder, producer, and host of the Rock n Roll Archaeology Project. He’s also involved with Pantheon Podcasts. He’s the lead vocalist of Tinman and has been playing with his band for the last 17 years. Christian also describes himself as a political raconteur. As you’ll hear in the show, he has interesting insight on all kinds of topics. It’s one of the things that made this episode so powerful to record.

This episode was a reminder to me that there’s always a thread to be found in a great conversation. It doesn’t matter who I talk to, there’s always a route back to topics that help us remember who we are. Through these conversations, we get to meet life with presence to connect back with what is – allowing the energy of the moment to inspire everything we do and everything we become.



Christian dives deep in this episode and shares his heart, his wisdom, and his life. We touch on so many topics, from the climate crisis to Christian’s experience of being involved in a mass shooting. At each stage, we return to the influence of music, how it aids belonging, and the power it holds to help you discover who you are.

Tune in now to hear Christian and I explore:

  • How does music feed your soul?
  • Waking up to bigger dimensions of life.
  • PTSD from a mass shooting experience.
  • Learning to move through grief.
  • Discovering who you are through music.
  • Hearing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for the first time.
  • The role forgiveness has played in Christian’s life.
  • Climate crisis.



Music is a powerful connector. It can bring us together, speak for us when the right words elude us, and activate specific moods to change the way we feel.

There’s music for every occasion, every one of life’s moments, and for every human. Tune in now and soak up a beautiful conversation about discovering who you are through music.

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