Chef Rick Moonen

Chef Rick Moonen

Episode 236


Taking A Bite Out Of The Ass Of Life

“I just made a decision in the seventies when I went to culinary school to change my life and this career and everything that I’ve done in my career has supported those changes. It’s just given me a place to be so grateful because it’s been successful.”


Chef Rick Moonen is a multi-award-winning celebrity chef and restaurateur known as the “Godfather of Sustainability”. He’s currently the Master Development Chef for Perry’s Restaurants and Chef Advocate for Feast It Forward, which was where we met and recorded this interview.

For over 25 years, Chef Rick has been a leading advocate for the sustainable seafood movement. He’s been featured in everything from USA Today, to Forbes, Food & Wine, SAVEUR, and GourmetMagazine. He’s also received a number of awards to acknowledge his advocacy for sustainability including Chef of the Year by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in 2011; and Humanitarian of the Year by the American Culinary Federation in 2013.

It was such a privilege to grab this quick conversation with Rick at the Feast It Forward Festival. We chatted about his love for cooking, how he got started, and so much more.



Tune in now to hear Rick and I explore: 

  • How Chef Rick Moonen uses cooking to feel connected with himself.
  • When Chef Rick Moonen fell in love with cooking.
  • How Chef’s mom influenced the way he cooked.
  • Understanding your relationship with fear.
  • Cooking for his dogs.
  • Cultivating an adoration for life.
  • And more…



There’s so much power in hearing someone’s origin story and getting an insight into how they found their passion and purpose in life. In this power-packed episode, Chef Rick shares some potent life philosophies that will inspire you to stay grounded in the things you care most about.

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