raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 235


The Power Of Surrendering Your Need For Control

“When you’re triggered, how the hell is your triggered mind supposed to understand the wisdom of the universe?”


This episode is my May reflection. As usual, some BIG stuff has been moving through me. The constant challenges and up-levels result from choosing to walk my own unique path through life. When you’re looking for the lessons and practicing a lifestyle of awareness, it’s impossible to NOT grow.

But it’s impossible to avoid frustrating setbacks as well! This month, I found myself asking “Why is this happening to me?” 

Do you ever find yourself asking that question? For me, this conversation shows up anytime my life doesn’t match my expectations. For example, when I believe something should have happened faster or when I wish I were further along my path.

In the past, these thoughts would get me in a funk. But because of my steady reflection practice, I know there’s a lesson I need to learn (or an experience I need to have). I’m learning to let go of my own attachments and align with the universe’s timeline rather than my own. After all, just because you received a vision or an idea in a flash doesn’t mean the world is ready for it.

This realization was one of my biggest takeaways from May. I reveal more in this episode.



As usual, your old friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and help guide the conversation to ensure you get the most out of it. Here’s an overview of the juicy topics and insights that came up.

  • How, as a society, we’ve normalized the wrong things.
  • Why our individual, reflective work contributes to the evolution of our collective consciousness.
  • The impact of big T and little t traumas on our lives.
  • The mind can’t have all the answers.
  • How we react when things don’t happen as fast as we want them to.
  • Reconnecting with our vision.
  • What it means to live a lifestyle of awareness.
  • Your timeline vs the timeline of the universe.
  • Trusting your aligned path.
  • Efforting vs flowing.
  • And more…



These monthly reflections are a core element of how I practice a lifestyle of awareness.

Sometimes I come to record these episodes with pages of notes. Other times I have fewer written thoughts but a lot of stuff in the air. Part of staying grounded is my monthly ritual to unpack and process what’s coming up. Sure, there are some months when I don’t feel like sitting down to reflect. I question if it’s the best use of my time. But without exception, I’m always glad I made it a priority because the experience always informs clarity and confidence in a path less traveled.

I hope that by sharing these reflections with you, they inspire you to embark on your own ritual.

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