Jaime McFadden

Episode 234


Riding The Healing Wave Of Guilt-Free Self-Care

“In order to serve our family, to serve our friends, to serve the community, we have to serve ourselves.”


Self-care is no longer a luxury, It’s a necessity. What’s more, as a culture, we desperately need to transform our definition of self-care. It’s not all luxury massages and delightful bubble baths! Instead, self-care is about asking for help and getting support from your ‘village’ so you can overcome the common inhibitors of time, guilt, shame, and negativity bias.

Jaime McFadden is an international self-care specialist, health coach, and thought-leader on cultivating a lifestyle of guilt-free wellness. She’s also the host of the What’s The Word podcast.

I recorded this conversation LIVE on Memorial Day Weekend at Feast It Forward festival in Napa.

I was so inspired by Jaime’s story of holistic self-care backed by a village of support. Jaime is a bold, vibrant soul with masses of energy. I was mesmerized by her story and her vision. In this episode, she shared publicly for the first time the life experiences that took her to the brink and inspired her to bring a self-care message to the world. Don’t miss it!



As a busy mom and successful entrepreneur, Jaime’s story is proof of what’s possible when we choose ourselves. With the right support, you can hold a lot! For example, Jaime was in full-on book launch mode during the Feast It Forward festival. Her NEW book WAVES of Self-Care is out now.

Jaime wrote this book to inspire people to dig deep and discover what they need to enhance their well-being, one baby step at a time.

Here’s an overview of all the awesome things we got to chat about.

  • Redefining the word selfish.
  • Why do we sometimes need to hit burnout before we’ll ask for help?
  • Life is precious.
  • Surrendering the need to hold on.
  • How Jaime’s childhood dreams, premonitions, and visions pushed her to the brink.
  • The power of micro-choices on the recovery journey.
  • Experiencing life as a wave.
  • How our presence sparks a ripple of impact.
  • The healing power of self-care.
  • And more…

In a world where so much is demanded of us, prioritizing self-care and asking for help is one of the most empowering things we can do. I hope this beautiful conversation with Jaime inspires you to build yourself a village and prioritize your self-care.


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