Nina Lombardo

Episode 233


Demystifying Feminine Energy & Embodiment

“When you place your awareness on your body and on your sensations and allow–through the depth of your presence with that sensation, the sensation actually expands, the sensation deepens and more feminine wisdom is revealed.”


As human consciousness evolves, we’re beginning to discover the true power of energetics as a creative and manifesting force. In a world where masculine energy has dominated for millennia, the rise of the divine feminine opens a new gateway for conscious leadership.

As a result, more people are getting inspired to understand the role of feminine energy and embodiment as a pathway to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness.

This episode’s guest is the founder of The Way of Devotion, the incredible Nina Lombardo.

In her work as a teacher, mentor, and artist, Nina supports women in embodying their most authentic spiritual and sexual expressions. Through workshops, retreats, and private mentoring, she provides women with somatic-based tools to embody their love and deepen their capacity for intimacy and connection, so they can create the lives and relationships they yearn for.

I was drawn to Nina because, for me, she’s done the work to integrate both masculine and feminine energies within herself. I can feel it in her expression and her presence. It’s one of the attributes that makes Nina an exceptional leader in the art of polarity, devotion, authentic expression, and yearning.



Key takeaways:

  • Understanding feminine energy & embodiment.
  • Becoming aware of our numbness and why we’re afraid to feel.
  • Why our authentic expression requires an attunement to love.
  • Polarity and the exquisite dance between the masculine & the feminine.
  • Understanding how devotion transcends service.
  • Calling more love, intimacy, and devotion into your work and relationships.
  • And more…


I’ve come to learn that mastering the art of living is to master the art of polarity. When you understand how masculine and feminine energies dance together, you can create more intimacy, devotion, and love in your relationships, work, art, and more.

This episode is a powerful gateway for demystifying the feminine and understanding the potency of embodiment. If you care about conscious leadership, you won’t want to miss it!



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