Dr. Amy Albright

Amy Albright

Episode 228


Waking Up Your Spiritual Gifts

“The most important thing that you can ever give another person is your loving presence.”

I first met this episode’s guest at a dinner. We had an instant connection that led to a deep spiritual conversation. Since that moment, I’ve been so excited to have Dr. Amy Albright on the show.

Dr. Amy’s audacious ownership of who she is inspires me, and I was curious about how one develops the courage to know themselves so deeply. How do you reach the place of trusting your intuition so fearlessly? How do you live a life fully guided by the wisdom within?

This episode is a spiritual journey – almost a 101 for the role of spirituality in these changing times. We cover a LOT, and in particular, explore the incredibly important role that presence plays as an activator, a catalyst, and a gateway to a soul-led life.



Dr. Amy Albright is on a mission to advance humanity. She’s a top-tier executive coach, and strategic business advisor to high-level CEOs, leaders of multi-million & billion-dollar companies, and social change makers. With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Amy serves as the life-changing catalyst in her clients’ lives. Through her unorthodox methods, Dr. Amy guides her clients through extraordinary transformations using her cutting-edge blend of neuroscience, consciousness, personal development, and business success.

As the co-founder of Holon Evolution, Dr. Amy works to reinvent the operating system for leaders, so they can fulfill their life’s purpose and accomplish their soul’s calling. Her work is potent, powerful, and profound.

Our conversation was so rich and delicious. Amy has access to an incredible depth of wisdom and information. She blew me away and I know she’ll do the same for you too.


Here’s an overview of everything we explored: 

  • What is spiritual intuition?
  • Why do some people wake up and others don’t?
  • Leaning into moments of truth.
  • Remembering and reconnecting with indigenous wisdom.
  • What is a spiritual gift?
  • Expanding our level of consciousness.
  • What is presence?
  • The most important thing you can give to another.
  • What’s happening in presence.
  • The Holon Breath Practice for activating presence.
  • Bifurcation is why we suffer.
  • The potency of making meaning from nature.


If you’re ready to discover the magic that can happen inside of presence – as well as some techniques that can take you there – do not miss this incredible conversation with Dr. Amy Albright.