Ron Baker

Ron Baker

Episode 227


What Your Soul Is Really Here To Do

“When we begin to understand that our challenges are there to point us in certain directions so that we will focus on those specific things in our lifetime, then it’s exactly what we need to be working on.” 

I love having previous guests back on the show. The new conversation reminds me how far I’ve come in my own journey of awareness. I’ll always remember the first time I met Ron Baker because until that moment, I knew nothing about the concept of an inner child.


Ron was one of the first teachers that taught me to go within for the answers, the awareness, and the healing. His impact on me was profound. In this conversation, we pick up the theme of the inner child and expand it to embrace the emerging self. We explore the intense wisdom that your soul’s curriculum has as you navigate this incarnation on earth. We talk about Ron’s new book and how it’s been inspired by his soul. No book can match the book of the soul and it’s clear that Ron’s new book was written from the most soulful of places.


This conversation is so rich and delicious. Tune in now to hear Ron and I explore:

  • Understanding the concept of a soul emergence.
  • What self-care is and what it isn’t.
  • How to know what’s your truth.
  • The concept of: Do unto yourself what you would do to others. 
  • Using breath to release stored emotion safely.
  • Claiming self as the main prize.
  • Ron’s experience of doing an audible recording of his book.
  • And more…


There’s so much freedom in discovering what the soul is here to do. There’s so much peace in understanding that our wounding helps create a soul curriculum for this life that serves to expand and evolve us. In this beautiful episode, Ron helps us remember the depth of truth that can be found inside. After all, when we know it’s there, we feel compelled to go and find it.