Finnian Kelly

Episode 224


Transforming Your Money Into A Source of Peace, Purpose, And Power

“Financially happy is a philosophy or a state of being. It’s this idea that you can be both happy and wealthy now.”

As a society, we’ve guided ourselves into a challenging relationship with money. Money is the thread that flows through EVERYTHING. It’s the ultimate connector that ties us all together. Due to the way society is structured, most of us can’t live without money! Yet, we decided to make money an emotionally charged taboo. 

And it’s disempowering us. 

This episode’s guest – Finnian Kelly – is here to offer up a new perspective on money and wealth creation. His own life experiences have taught him how to combine money with spirituality – so you can live a more intentional life. 

Finnian calls this philosophy Financially Happy, and in this episode, he shows you how you can choose this way of being for yourself.

Finnian Kelly is the creator of the Financially Happy movement, a world-renown keynote speaker, and an Intentional Living Guide. He’s built and excited two multi-million-dollar businesses in the financial industry as well as running a private wealth management company that managed $100s million. He’s appeared on Sky Business and Ten’s morning shows as a financial expert. He was also an Undercover Angel in the popular National Geographic series. Dubbed the Business Mystic, Finnian helps people feel connected with their money so they can be intentional and live in the now – one breath at a time.

In this incredible episode, Finnian and I explore: 

  1. How to transform your relationship with money
  2. Empowering women around money to heal the divine feminine wound. 
  3. The reason financial freedom is a dangerous goal to have. 
  4. The concept of money as a magnifier. 
  5. Using money as a tool to identify and heal personal pain and trauma. 
  6. Tapping into heart wisdom to live a wealthier life. 
  7. Why you need to focus on your feelings. 
  8. The shift you experience when you live from a place of love, NOT fear.
  9. What’s the spiritual purpose of creating more wealth?
  10. And more…

If you’re challenged by money and financial matters create a trigger that disrupts your spiritual path, this episode is for you. By the end of this deep-dive conversation, you’ll create an opportunity for yourself to feel excited and energized by money. 

Check it out.