Victor Pierantoni

Episode 223


The Path To Resolving Your Most Painful Emotions

“The emotions are just like a little kid – they’re gonna keep coming at us wanting to say what they need to say until they’ve been heard and acknowledged.”

Victor Pierantoni is a top-rated Results Coach who’s worked with hundreds of clients. He’s the founder of Zen Stoic – a method of emotional mastery that blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient schools: Zen Buddhism (from the East) and Stoicism (from the West).

This methodology was developed as a result of Victor’s life experiences. 

After Victor’s mom died of cancer when he was just seven, Victor learned that everything you love can disappear in a flash. When his dad was diagnosed with melanoma, Victor felt called to help him not suffer mentally. 

The Zen Stoic path empowers people to savor the present moment while simultaneously preparing to lose everything. It’s a beautiful methodology that can lead you to unshakeable inner peace combined with the strength to take on anything. 

In this beautiful episode, Victor and I explore: 

  • Why do we need the sledgehammer instead of the whisper? 
  • The reason that we struggle to feel our emotions. 
  • How a question to a friend pulled Victor into the coaching world. 
  • Redefining leadership.
  • How Victor responded to his Dad’s cancer diagnosis. 
  • Strategies for unraveling belief systems. 
  • The intentions & delusions of Zen Stoicism. 
  • Transcending limiting beliefs and cultivating ones that serve you. 
  • Setting ourselves free from the fear of uncertainty. 
  • Finding peace with Zen Stoicism. 
  • And more…

Victor’s specialism is empowering people to resolve their most painful emotions. In this episode, he shows us how to reframe our relationship with challenging emotions to ensure they don’t hold us back. 

If you’re someone who struggles to feel and you’re ready to alchemize the feelings that get in your way, then this episode is for you.